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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 03, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. Matters Social, Religious, and General Which Have Happened and are to Happen Among the People of this City.

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September 1, 1892.

Miss J. Madeline Jackson, who has been traveling in Europe, Africa, and Australia with the Virginia Opera Company, gave two grand concerts at the First and Mt. Zion Baptist Churches Monday and Tuesday nights, assisted by Misses Annie Brackett, Sallie Brown and Madam Lizzie G. Brown. Miss Jackson has a voice of rare sweetness. She is a native of Charlottesville.

A very grand reception was given at Mrs. Nobles recently. The company enjoyed the strains of music until the "wee small" hours of the morning.

A company of ladies, viz. Misses Gertrude Farrar, Mary Alice Cross, Bettie Cross, Rosa Coles and others gave a grand moon-light picnic to Keswick Saturday night. Quite an enjoyable evening was spent.

Mr. Lawrence J., eldest son of Mr. And Mrs. John West, was buried Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock after a brief illness of four weeks. The funeral took place from the First Bapt. Church, Dr. L. B. Goodall officiating. A large crowd, including a number of white friends, were present. He has passed from labor to reward. The choir sang, "Asleep in Jesus," and "We shall meet beyond the river."

Mr. Mowson, who has been the guest of Prof. Robt. Kelser for the past two weeks, has returned to Washington, D. C.

Miss Mary Buckner, of 11th St., left for Petersburg last week.

Mr. Thomas Sammons is in the city.

Mrs. Adline Sipperal has returned home from Danville to the delight of her many friends.

We were blessed with beautiful showers last week.

We wonder why some of our young men would rather to borrow the paper than to subscribe and pay for it.

Mr. Burnett Watkins formerly of this city, but now of Baltimore, Md., is expected in the city soon.

Willie F. Harris, agent of this paper, was indisposed last week.

There are a great many strangers in the city at this writing.

Call at Mr. J. A. Brown's grocery store and purchase the PLANET.

Miss Mary Bullock has gone to Frederick Hall to visit her uncle and relatives. We wish her a happy trip.

Mr. Carter of Washington, D. C., and Mrs. Smith, of this city, visited Greenswood last week. Upon their return to the city, they spent several hours riding around the town. Mrs. Smith is an expert rider. They were delighted with their trip.

Mr. Carter and Mrs. Manning left for Washington last week, and is [sic] the guest of Mrs. Fannie Sammons.

There will be a grand excursion from this city to Washington on September 17th, given by Mt. Zion and First Baptist Sunday Schools.

Your correspondent was invited to Mr. Saddler's to inspect his fine stock of fowls, brought from Cincinnati, O. A very valuable stock we are told.

Summary of Article
General society notes of interest to Charlottesville's colored citizens.

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