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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: August 20, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. A Grand Garden Social--Military Parade and Others [sic] Items of Importance.

Transcript of Article

The V. L. S. C. Club gave a grand garden social at the residence of Mrs. J. A. Brown, 212 N. 6th S., Friday evening promptly at 8:30 the guest began to arrive. The garden was beautifully decorated with lanterns.

Among the guest present were Misses Nannie Brown, Annie Brackett and Gertrude Farrar, Susie Alexander and Bettie Ferguson, Gertrude Wilson and Rosa Coles, Lizzie Coles and Jennie Martin, Isetta Flemmings and Lucy Buckner, Mary Buckner and Emma Gatewood, Mary Bullock and Josephine Jackson, Lula B. Jackson, Sallie Brown and Annie Alexander, Mary E. Cary, Nannie Cary and Louisa Taylor, Mrs. Nannie Wayland, Mrs. Emma L. Goodall, Mrs. Sallie Ray, Mrs. Alice Minor, Mrs. Susie Angel, Mrs. Louisa Wyatt, Mrs. Jones of Brooklyn, and Mrs. Alice Lucas of Washington, D. C., Miss Mary Alerce of New York, Misses Bettie Cross and Jenkens Indiana, Miss Watkins of Richmond, Va, Messrs. Frank Johnson, Richard F. Brown and Eliza Gilmer Barrett of Danville, Va., Scott, Thomas Faircett, Walter L. Henderson of Salisbury, N. C., Troy, Kenney, E. Watson of Salisbury, N. C. Troy, Kenney, E. Watson, B. Eazelle and W. Pollard, Robert Coles, W. Minor, P. Wyatt and J. Sellers, I. Wayland, J. A. Brown, and E. Angel and Rev. L. B. Goodall.

At 11 o'clock, supper was served in the garden. Quite a pleasant evening was spent. The [mock?] battle and military parade was a grand success last Monday, 8th.

Mrs. Eliza Brown, the mother of Mr. James Brown, departed this life Sunday afternoon at 6:30 o'clock. She was eighty five years age. It is reported that Mr. Lawrence West is very sick.

Mr. George Tarago, after spending a week in this city visiting friends and relatives left for Washington, D. C. Monday morning on the 11:30 train. Miss Laura Tersell of Washington is visiting her aunt, Mrs. Jas Allen.

Miss Maggie Price left the city Saturday to visit her sister, Mrs. Mary Woodson of Richard, Va.

Mr. Wm. H. Parago is out again after a recent spell of sickness.

Miss Lucy Price of Iowa is visiting in the city. Rev. Vaughn and Miss Marriah Henderson of Gordonville, Va., were in the city last week, the guest of Mrs. Henry Seay.

Mr. Charles Guston of Fourth St. is out again after a spell of sickness.

Mr. Editor all I can say if the people will take choice is it won't be long before the PLANET will take a boom.

W. H. P.

Summary of Article
A detailed report on the success of the Garden Social given by one of Charlottesville's leading colored citizens.

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