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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: August 13, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The camp meeting that has been in progress for the last two weeks, closed Sunday night. Crowds flocked to the camp each night.

The excursion from Richmond arrived early Monday morning, with the Richmond Military Company and a large number of others. The exercises by the Company at the Fair grounds were very grand, the most noted of the exercises being the Sham Battle. The basement of both churches were open to the excursionists. The crowd cleaned up the ice cream and chicken that was for sale by Mr. Bullock.

Mr. R. F. Brown is in the city, from Healing Springs, on business of importance.

Mr. William H. Parago, the regular correspondent of the PLANET has been very ill and unable to write for the above named paper.

Watermelons are coming in from the country very rapidly. The farmers say, to watch the watermelons patches is much harder than keeping crows out their of corn.

Baptizing was conducted by Rev. Truatt of the Ebenezer Baptist Church Sunday morning at Hartmans Mill.

The club lately organized by the young men is getting on fine.

Don't forget to pay up for the PLANET every week as it is the only paper.


Summary of Article
Reports on "the camp meeting" which was held in Charlottesville and drew large crowds.

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