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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 23, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE LETTER. Interesting Haps and Mishaps Gathered in and About the Home of Jefferson and Cut to Fit this Space by Our Planet Correspondent.

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Prof. Hypsher's AcademicShow was exhibited at the First Baptist Church on Monday night. It was quite a success, and was witnessed by quite an appreciative audience.

About $174. 50 were collected at the grand rally at the Ebenezer Baptist Church recently.

An old-time camp meeting will be held under the auspices of the John Wesley M. E. Church, on Preston avenue., in the Land Company's grove, three-quarters of a mile east of this city, from the 22d inst. to Aug. 2d. Rev. C. L. Thomas will be in charge of the services.

An excursion consisting of nine coaches arrived here last Sunday morning. A large number of them were in attendance at the services of the First Baptist Church and (it being a grand rally day) contributed liberally. A good many spent the day with friends and relatives while others created in the mountains.

About $182.55 was the result of the grand rally at the First Baptist Saturday and will assist much in alleviating the church debt. Rev. L. H. Jackson, of Washington, preached morning and evening and Rev. Goodall, pastor, delivered a special sermon at night. Every one seemed to have greatly enjoyed the occasion. The choir deserves special mention for their excellent musical renditions.

The progyditious cripple, James Malone, formerly of Staunton, but now of Washington, was in company with the excursionists here selling his pamphlets, which were quite interesting.

Mr. Alexander has opened a branch store in the east end which is progressing nicely.

The C.G.U.L. club of this city is "out of sight." They are meeting with great success.

Mr. R. A. Barber, formerly of this city, but now of Boston, who has been visiting friends and relations here, returned home Monday.

Mr. A. W. Bullock is here visiting friends and relations here, and enjoying himself hugely.

Mrs. Charles Cary has returned home from Chicago, looking well.

Mrs. Henry Seay, of Commerce St. has recovered from a spell of sickness.

Mrs. Charles Goodloe, Jr., is very sick.

Prof. Robert Kelser has returned from a trip to Richmond.

Summary of Article
General Society notes detailing the activities of Charlottesville's colored citizens.

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