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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 16, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. The Panaroma--Union Picnic--Grand Rally--Personal and Briefs.

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There was a panorama given at the First Baptist Church, colored, Monday night, which proved to be a grand success.

The Union Picnic was given at Mr. Eugene Davis Grove, Friday. Quite a large attendance was solicited . The pastor of the Mount Zion and First Baptist Churches changed pulpits Sunday night. Quite a large crowd was present as both churches. There will be an excursion here from Washington Sunday, 17th, and a grand rally at the First Baptist Church, on the same day.

Misses Lillie Everett, Mary Bullock, Bettie Ferguson and others are attending the summer normal at Lynchburg, Va.

Mr. Silas B. Jackson, Jr., has gone to Staunton, Va., on a vacation. We miss him very much.

Messrs. John Patterson, George Jones left for the springs last week.

Mr. Preston Green, the expert colored barber is out again after a short spell of sickness.

Miss Jennie Martin has returned home from Washington city.

Mr. Addison Angel left for the mountain-top springs last week.

Mr. W. Irving is our expert house and sign painter. Give him a call.

The PLANET is a live and interesting paper, it should be in reach of every colored family. So subscribe and pay for it.

The colored land and improvement company is the company to take shares in.

Summary of Article
General society notes of interest to Charlottesville's colored citizens.

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