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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 02, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE NEWS. Closing Exercises--Grand Rally--Wedding Bells--Obituary--Deacon Mad With Angel.

Transcript of Article

Charlottesville, Va., June 27, '92.

The closing exercises of the Jefferson graded school were conducted on an excellent order. The program was as follows:

Opened with singing; Invocation --Rev. A. Truatt; Salutatory--Mr. Thos. B. Jones; Singing; primary recitation--"No work the hardest work,"--Sallie B. Brown; oration--Brutus on the death of Ceasar--Chas. Bullock; Anthony on the death of Ceasar--Silas B. Jackson, Jr.; Roman Citizens--J. Lawrence West, Eugene Tompkins and Thos. B. Jones; Singing, recitation--the Gambler's Wife--Lula B. Jackson; essay, "Reminiscences of the class of '92--Lizzie Coles; singing; select reading--I wouldn't, would you?--Emma E. Parker; essay Illiteracy a disturbing element--Mary Kenney; Address--Mr. M. Kaufman, chairman of school board, Graduates received diplomas as follows: Misses Lizzie Coles, Lillie Truatt, Sallie Brown, Mary Kennie, Lula Jackson, Emma Parker, Messrs Silas Jackson, Jr., Chas. Bullock. Eugene Tompkins, Thos. Jones, Jr. Lawrence West, Valedictory--"Our Possibilities"--Lillie Truatt. Prof. Benj. E. Tonsler was presented a very handsome picture and easel by Prof. Robt. Kelser, instructor of the school, from the following graduates: Miss Lottie Lewis, Mary Brown, Mary Hayes, and Martha Dalton. Rev. A. Truatt presented Miss Lillie Truatt, (his daughter) with a very handsome gold ring, and Mrs. Martha Brown presented Eugene Tompkins (her nephew) with a handsome gold watch. The valedictory was on the most touching to which it has been our pleasure to listen. Miss Truatt the valedictorian was one of the most touching to which it has been our pleasure to listen. Miss Truatt the valedictorian, acquitted her self nobly. The teachers and graduates were invited to attend the commencement exercises of the white school the next evening.

Sunday was grand rally day at Chestnut Grove Church, Rev. Lee Jones, pastor.

At the morning service Rev. T. W. Wolfolk preached, after which a collection of one hundred and fifty dollars and fifty-five cents were taken up. The evening service was conducted by Rev. Geo. Cary. We failed to ascertain the amount realized at this service. A bountiful feast was spread and all heartily enjoyed themselves. Rev. Truatt with a number of friends, was present.

Mr. W. Irving and Miss Ellen Taylor were married Thursday evening at the residence of the bride on the 23rd inst.

Little Miss Carrie Brown died Saturday, 25th inst., with typhon fever, aged fourteen years. Her illness was of less than a week's duration. Her funeral took place from the 1st Bapt. Church. A multitude of mourners and sympathizers were in attendance.

Mr. Editor, the letter I wrote some few weeks ago concerning the unchristian acts was not intended to apply to all the members of the church but to the guilty only I was met by a deacon, Dave Alexander, Friday night, who almost cursed me, and would have attempted to brain me with a box had I not acted as though I had a revolver and frightened him off. I have published nothing but the truth. Some of the deacons are mad because they did not succeed in having me excommunicated from the church. I will ever stand by the truth and will not retract a word stated.


Summary of Article
A detailed account of the closing exercises at Jefferson graded school in Charlottesville.

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