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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: May 28, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. World's Fair at the First Bapt. Church--Rev. Hardy's Progress.

Transcript of Article


We had a grand time at the First Baptist Church World's fair. The weather was excellent, the audience very good; everything was sold out each night, no quarrels; other behavior of the young people showed progress. Noticeable among the young men with their coat collars turned down and hats in hand while passing to and fro in the basement among the ladies. The gun drill, wax figures, hat contest, calico train party and old maid's auction were grand and gave perfect satisfaction.

The gross receipts amounted to nearly two hundred dollars. Dr. Goodall with his excellent committee was tendered a unanimous vote of the church for their success.

The Sunday School met with Mt. Zion Bapt. Church last Sunday. The programme was inspiring and well rendered.

Drs. Hardy and Goodall are the Siamese twins of this locality; They are through the hand of God moving this city. These two brethren are matched and they are leading in this direction that Charlottesville has long needed. Thank God for these days. They however are very popular with dancers, no harm game players, and worldly christian. Can't you see what kind of gospel they have been preaching.

It was rumored last week that Dr. Hardy had gone to Richmond to get married. He has returned but did not get his wife. Mr. George Simms came home last week from the Richmond Theological Seminary.

Mr. R. F. Brown left this A. M. for Healing Springs. God helps those who help themselves.

Summary of Article
Reports on the success of the World's Fair held at First Baptist church and further praises the new unity between First Baptist and Mt. Zion Baptist churches.

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