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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 23, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. A Great Revival--Rev. Dr. Vassar Preaches.

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., April 17, '92.

A great revival has swept our city, the greatest ever witnessed in the history of the colored churches in charlottesville [sic]. For three weeks the people had to return home unable to get standing room in the First Baptist church. Hour before service begun the streams of people would pour in, in order to get seats. Dr. Goodall was assisted by Rev. T. J. Houston of Evansville, Indiana and Rev. W. Robinson of Fredericksburg, Va., and other who rendered valuable services some hundred some hundred and fifty have been reported as happy converts, 84 of whom Dr. Goodall buried in baptism Easter morning. The church was beautifully decorated in flowers and festoons. A large wreath extended across the pulpit and around the church, graced with white and scarlet roses in front of the pool and back of the pulpit was a large cross of pure white roses, with white ferns flowing out from behind them. In fact, this was grand to look upon. From the chandelier in front of the pulpit hung a beautiful harp of flowers. On the organ hung an anchor made of white tea roses; opposite to this was a cross made of the same. While the pulpit platform was covered with potted flowers and on each side of the platform stood two large strands of flowers, mingled with cala lilies and cactus.

Rev. Goodall and the ladies of his church, deserve much credit for the artistically dressed church.

On next Sunday the 25th inst., there will be a grand reunion of the Mt. Zion and First Baptist Sunday Schools. A grand time is expected. The credit for the above is mainly due to J. A. Brown, Superintendent of First Baptist Sunday school.

Mr. Thomas sellers [sic] and Miss Mary Wood were happily joined in wedlock yesterday at Wake Forest Baptist church, inst.

Mrs. Wm. L. Brown, Miss N. L. Brown of charlottesville [sic] and Mr. A. F. Angel spent a pleasant time at an entertainment saturday [sic] evening, given by Mrs. Lewis.

Dr. D. N. Vassar of Richmond, VA., preached a thanksgiving sermon for the Victoria Tabernacle, 10th inst, at Mt. Zion Baptist church, at 8 p. m. The church was thronged with a tremendous crowd.

Mr. A. B. Parker passed away last week.

I am informed that Mr. P. Diggs only went off in a trance.

Summary of Article
A detailed account of Eastern Sunday celebrations held at First Baptist church and other society notes of interest to Charlottesville's colored community.

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