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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 16, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Editor of Richmond PLANET:

Dear Sir;--
You will please allow me space in your valuable paper to speak of our success, when we were in trouble and almost forsaken, the Lord sent us a leader in the person of Rev. R. B. Hardy, B. D. We heard Rev. Hardy preach once. He was then agent for the Virginia Seminary; being impressed with him we sent for him, and when we heard him again we called him, and he was installed last Sunday as the pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Dr. D. N. Vassar of the Richmond Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va., preached the installment on Sermon at 11 a. m. Rev. J. B. Turpin of the First Baptist Church (white) preached in the afternoon and Rev. Vassar preached again at night. The church was crowded to its utmost capacity, "and the people have a mind to work." Our church has a debt of nearly $4000: We raised Sunday $205.82.

Our pastor was received in the midst of flowers, the sisters decorated the pulpit with flowers of various kinds: So that the preacher seemed to be in a flower garden; We pray that God's blessing will rest upon our pastor, and may he live long to preach for us:

Thomas Mickey, clerk of Mt: Zion Baptist Church

Summary of Article
Reports that Mount Zion Baptist church obtained a new pastor.

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