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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 12, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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High day in the First Baptist Church last Sunday. Rev. J. H. Turner preached a glowing sermon at 11 A.M. and Rev. J. B. Houston electrified the people at 8 P. M. with a heart felt and stirring sermon.

Dr. Goodall and his people have been planning for a big rally. They were highly rewarded for this effort by a grand collection. Dr. Goodall's Club led off with $53.50. Mrs. L. G. Brown $103.45; Mrs. H. Seay $34.25; Mrs. F. Parago $48.18; 29.75; Mr. A. Angel $5.82. The choir rendered some choice selections. "Walking in the Light," and "Roll Jordan roll" lifted every heart and brought in the general collection to $28, after which the church unanimously voted their hearty thanks to the captains and givers for their generous response of $300.15. Two members were received into the fellowship of the church and on the second Sabbath Dr. Goodall and his people will pitch battle for the Lord. Let us come up to the battle. Rev. W. Robinson of Fredericksburg, Va., will be with us-God willing.

I wish to correct the report of the pound party published week before last instead of 150 pounding Miss Allen and a number of young ladies composed a party also 150 persons composed of the members of the 1st and Mt. Zion Baptist Churches accompanied the Odd Fellows who pounded Mrs. Sidney Parker, not that the Odd Fellows alone did it.

The Mt. Zion Baptist Church have [sic] selected a new deacon board. The spirit of the determination is greatly manifested in those who are carrying the work. Probably a new year is dawning upon them. Rev. Houston of Indiana has preached for them the past two Sundays.

Mr. John Bullock is in the city from West Va.

Mrs. Bland is very sick with Bronchitis.

The Phalanx Base-ball Club of W. Va., will meet the Howard University Base-ball Club at Washington, D. C. the 17th of May if they can make the arrangements and will play three games. On the 18th Baltimore, 19th Norfolk, and 30th Richmond. All B. B. Captains address letters to Phalanx B. B. C. 1107 W. Main Street, Charlottesville, Va.

Last Wednesday, the 2nd inst., the V. V. V. Club received an invitation to one of the grandest Leap Year Soirees given at Vandeville Hall at 8 P. M. Mr. J. B. Jones; carriages arrived at the Hall at the sound of the bugle. The ladies marched out in couples, leaped in the carriages and went for their gentleman friend. A full account will be given next week. Look out for it.

Angel got caught one time, that is the ladies failed to meet to pound Rev. L. B. Goodall, D. D., as they arranged. As the weather was very bad, Jenne wait till the clouds roll by.


Summary of Article
A detailed report of a successful fundraiser held at First Baptist church in Charlottesville.

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