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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 05, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Chartered and successfully operated under the laws of Virginia. Authorized capital $100,000.

The First Agricultural Mechanical and Industrial County Fair ever held by the Colored People of Piedmont, Va., was held under the auspices of this Company last October with rich benefits to the company and community.


Persons taking stock within 90 days will share the undivided profits and future benefits of the Company. Shares, $50.00 each. Payable $1.00 per share on subscription. $1.00 per share each month, or 25 cents per week.

Write or come and purchase.

First:-Shackleford property, situated-Dice Streets in full view and less than three minutes walk of the street car on University Avenue and five minutes of the V. M. Junction.

This property has been divided into four lots, one of which has on it a 2 1/2 story brick and frame dwelling of six rooms.

Next:-Coles property, situated on North Fourth and Dice streets in full view and less than three minutes walk of the street car line and eight minutes of the V. M. Junction.

This property has been sub-divided into three lots one of which has a Frame dwelling of six rooms.

Next:-Five Building lots within two and a half squares of Main street. Two of which are situated on Preston's Ave., and three on William Street.

Next:- Twenty building lots lying between Preston[illegible suffix], the newly developed portions of the city and the properties of the Charlottesville Land Company, upon which is being erected here and there factories and dwellings.

Next:- Brockman property consisting of a building lot and lot with three story brick dwelling of sic rooms and frame addition of two rooms situated on West Main street, Vinegar Hill.

Next:- Lewis property extending from University avenue to C. & O. R. R., upon which is built two houses, one a brick dwelling with frame addition of ten rooms one of which is a store, situated near the C. & O. R. R.

Next:- Located near the University avenue consisting of a neat new building and building lot.

The estimated value of the company's purchases amount to ten thousand ($10,000) dollars.

And these purchases are intended, by selling, exchanging and renting to benefit each stock-holder who will pay his or her dues. Some have already been sold at handsome profits.

All of the improved property of the company is paying good interest in rents. While the vacant lots are enhancing in value as the city develops.

Financial stock-holders are benefitted by loans, deposits, interests and dividends of the Company.

Notice.- The Company has not only made large purchases but has made loans, built houses, assumed debts, and lifted mortgages for its stock-holders amounting to more than $2,000.

The company's business or object is to buy land, build houses, lift mortgages, sell, exchange, rent, lease, and otherwise deal in real estate, to receive money on stock and deposit, to loan money and to assist the financial stock-holders in securing homes.


Having devoted much time and care in laying a firm foundation by purchasing the properties mentioned. We shall in the future direct special attention to loans and receiving moneys on stock and deposits.

The Board has this to say. The books of the Company have recently under gone a thorough examination. The Statements are bona-fide. The Company is being operated on a safe and profitable basis and all are invited to take stock who would be benefitted at small cost and say to its delinquent stock-holders get square with the books.


Piedmont Industrial, Land and Improvement Company,
Charlottesville, Va.



D. D. ALEXANDER, Vice-President.

B. E. TONSLER, Secretary.

CHARLES E. COLES, Treasurer.

SHARES $50.00.

Payable $1.00 per month, or twenty-five (25) cents per week.

Summary of Article
Gives a detailed report of the financial standing of Piedmont Industrial Land and Improvement Company, including properties it has acquired and expected returns for shareholders.

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Rev. M. B. Hardy visited Rev. L. B. Goodall last Wednesday evening in the prayer meeting and delivered his lecture on his labors for the Lynchburg Seminary. We did not have a very large house owing to the fact that the Reverend was expecting him the first Wednesday evening in March. We hope when he comes again, we will have due notice, in order that we may greet him with a large audience.

It is a know fact that the Baptist Churches oppose Theatre going, visiting race tracks and such places. This is done from a moral standpoint of view which should be appreciated and sustained, as it prevents the highest motives for Christians to abstain from such amusements in as-much as it dwarfs spiritual growth and those who attend are aiding to carry on a work which is in opposition to the kingdom of Christ. But just let some of the young people go to a ball, or social, they are reported to the church, while theatre goers are undisturbed. Aside from this, it is high time that our intelligence and race pride should lift us above sitting in the galleries. Should it not be above the dignity of a gentleman to ask a lady to accompany him in such a place of humiliation for amusement; thus bringing her in contact with the dirty street multitude, that follows low theatres, whose mouths are filled with every type of black-guard. Dr. Spurgeon says in his sermons, "If you have been converted, you will find more pleasure in the house of God than in theatres."

Rev. Brother Valentine, Pastor of the M. E. church went out to cut some wood one day last week. His axe glanced and gave him a very serious cut, for which he is unable to attend conference, which meets this inst.

Don't forget the rally next Sunday at the First Baptist church. Come help clear away the debt this year.

Dr. Goodall was severely pounded 1st inst.

February 22nd, two horses ran away, starting in front of People's National Bank. One of the horses was badly hurt near the Presbyterian church.

Willie Brown and George Thomas are getting up a colored minstrel to be given some time in April, Chas. Chapman, Manager.

Miss Mary E. Golden was married to Mr. Robert Brooks last week. L. B. Goodall, D. D. officiated.

Mr. William Calloway's funeral took place from the First Baptist church last Sunday at 3 P. M. He was only 16 years of age.

A. F. Angel.

Summary of Article
Reports on the Baptist churches negative opinion of "theatre-going" and details general society notes of Charlottesville's colored community.

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