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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: February 20, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Where are the prophets now, to interpret the strange appearance in the sky last Saturday of, about seven o'clock, lasting about two hours. Along the Streets [sic] of Charlottesville, people were people were collected in squads, wondering and admiring the blushing sky. Northwest of us, the sky was of a bright red with occasional white streaks streaming across.

There were all manners of conjectures concerning it. Some recalled that they had seem a similar appearance in the sky during the sixties. But the general conviction was that the Aurora Borealis had come further south.

The next thing new and on foot here, is a call meeting of the Republicans and Democrats and all citizens at the City Hall, to petition Congress, for a Government building. Charlottesville is growing now, and we need such a building because of the situation of the city, it can be made a thorough going business place and such a building will go a long way towards benefitting [sic] the city.

Dr. Goodall and the Sunday School have made a great improvement in the basement of the church by cutting off and fitting [illegible] two handsome rooms, one for Bible class and the other for the infant department, also to be used as dressing rooms for candidates, etc.

This was a long felt need, as well as the steps running from the basement up to the auditorium as there was no way of communicating to the upper room, except going up over the choir, or around out of doors to the front, and this was very disagreeable on cold and rainy days. Rev. Goodall's plan of having all the Sunday School teachers and scholars, except those who are compelled to leave before church services to march in order and sit together during services is very helpful and fills up an important part of Sunday School work. It is receiving hearty compliments.

Business in the city is very dull at present. We hope soon for the hard weather to clear away, when our city will bloom, and business start up.

Mr. G. A. F. Johns of Africa delivered his lecture on his native home, and exhibited his exhibition, two nights last week, one night at First Baptist Church, , two at the M. E. church in this city.

The glove contest was very good last week last Zion Hall, between Hopper and Wood. C. H. Hopkins, stage manager. The Phalanx Club will go into training [in] the latter part of this month. They would like for the base ball players of Virginia, to send in the name of their captain at an early date, so as we can get everything straight for the coming season. They would like to hear from Richmond, Norfolk, Petersburg, Danville, Lynchburg, and Roanoke, VA. address letters to Phalanx Base Ball Club, (colored) U. of Va.

"Who never tries can never win."

A. F. Angel

Summary of Article
Reports on strange weather in Charlottesville as well as renovations to Mount Zion Baptist church in Charlottesville.

Column 2-3
FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. The Literary Exercise-Pounding Parties-Briefs.

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The Literary had an excellent programme last Friday night. The solos and duets were unusually good and inspiring. The recitations from different authors were extremely beneficial.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen were severely pounded by about 150 members of the 1st Baptist and Mt. Zion Baptist Churches.

Mrs. Parker, wife of Mr. Parker who formerly kept a restaurant near the C & O Depot, was pounded by the Odd Fellows Fraternity. She has been afflicted with severe rheumatism ever since his death. She shed tears over the good things with which her table was ladened by the visitors.

It is to be hoped that the churches will hereafter look to the sick and afflicted among their members. Many are waiting for Rev. Goodall to put into action the plan suggested by him a few Sundays ago, to meet this much-needed demand.

Mr. Peter Briggs who has been sick nearly four weeks is better.

Mr. Edward Daniel spent a few weeks in the city. He left our city last Wednesday, bound for Washington, D. C.

Mr. John Sheldon was in the city last week, and addressed the Literary Society Friday evening.

Mr. Henry Seay, brick mason and contractor only needs a trial to give the utmost satisfaction.

Rev. Brown preached at the First Baptist Church Sunday evening, subject: "Honesty is the best policy."


Summary of Article
Reports on happenings in Charlottesville's colored community.

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