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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: February 13, 1892 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The devil visited our city last week dressed in red boots and cap, and made war with Mount Zion Baptist church.

In the affray, Mr. Phil Hooker was very badly cut. The pastor of that church had to escape for his life. It is regretted that peace could not be restored without calling in the city authorities.

The fire fiend visited our city during the past week and destroyed the street car house and burned five mules, one horse[,] and four street cars. We welcome little stranger Mortimer R. Goodall to this world, born Jan 24th, '92.

The First Baptist members are not leaving any stones unturned to raise five hundred dollars by the 1st of March.

God helps those that help themselves.

The sermon by Dr. Goodall was highly appreciated last Sunday morning, Psalm 122-7.

He said, "The way to obtain peace is too keep one's self in peace; prosperity follows peace; strive to turn everything into good, see what you are bound to do as well as other are, and it is a great grace to live in peace, with hard and perverse persons, while it is easier to live with good people.

The True Reformer's Lodge, No. 135, Silver Brook Fountain is progressing.

Miss Harriet Brown, who has been teaching at Michiums River came home sick last week.

Mr. Thornton Coles returned to Hot Springs Sunday, 7th inst.

Mrs. M. Daniels who has been sick two weeks, is well again.

The funeral of Mr. Daniel Carter took place at Rose Hill, 4th inst.

Miss Alice Jefferson, near Simeon P.O. passed away last week.

Mrs. Harriet Brown, age ninety-two, died last Monday, leaving a glorious testimony behind.

A goodly number of the patrons of the PLANET are still on the sick list. They welcome and enjoy the improvement on the PLANET this week and wish it still larger improvement. "Kindness has many charms."

A. F. Angel.

Summary of Article
Reports on an altercation that took place at Mount Zion Baptist church in Charlottesville.

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