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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: December 12, 1891 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Dec. 8-Among our many enterprises, the Piedmont, Industrial, Land and Improvement Company stands prominent and not without cause. Its profitable deals in real estate and valuable properties located here and there in our city, tells us that this company is here to stay and destined to do great good for our people. Next Monday night the stock-holders will meet to receive an apportionment of the proceeds of the recent INDUSTRIAL FAIR. This was a grand and inspiring enterprises for this section and will be long and favorably remembered.

Sunday, December 6, at 11 A.M., a splendid sermon was preached by Rev. L. B. Goodall, D. D. Text, 7th Chapter St. Matthew, from the 24th through the 27th verse. The Lord's Supper was celebrated at 8:30 P.M.

Mrs. Ferrell, of the 19th St. Bapt. church, Washington, D. C., joined the First Colored Baptist church by letter.

Miss Susie Buckner was presented a handsome Silver tea pot Thanksgiving eve. Among the eight beehives, she had the largest amount of money. Mrs. Buckner and daughter have been sick with la grippe. They are much better.

Sister Harris is very sick.

Mrs. R. Emanuel who has been sick a long time, has professed a hope in Christ. She is yet very sick.

Mr. Larken Jones and daughter have been suffering with Typhoid fever for about eight weeks. Both are paralyzed on one side, both are members of a church in the country.

Miss Briggs died on the 3rd inst. Her home is out in the country. Her father died last year.

Miss M.V. Allen has arrived from Michigan. She is very sick.

Miss Virginia Martin has returned from Washington, D. C.

Miss Mary Bullock who is teaching at Boyd's Tavern, was in the city three days this week.

Mrs. N. Bullock has returned from Pittsburgh, Pa. She is looking well.

A bird's eye view of the History of the 1st Colored Baptist church as given by Bro. David Alexander on Thanksgiving Eve. She first came out from the white church with Rev. Wm. Gibbons, (their leader) pastor. This property was purchased if Mr. Prentence Wheeler and others. Rev. John W. George was then our pastor. Rev. Barnett was his successor. During his administration, the old Delevan house was paid for. Rev. M. T. Lewis was his successor. During his administration on the old Delevan house was torn down and a new church built. The old name given, which it bears to this day 1st Colored Baptist church.

Rev. Alexander Truatt was his successor. He was pastor seven years. He completed the work of the building. Next comes Rev. Scott, who improved the church inside. Now we have Rev. L. B. Goodall, D. D., who is trying hard to finish paying the church debt.

Yours for Christ's sake,

Dela Fogette.

Summary of Article
Reports on the progress of the P.I. and L.I. Co. and gives a brief history of First Colored Baptist Church.

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