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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: December 05, 1891 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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On last Friday evening, at 9:30 p.m. the S. D. R. of the 1st Colored Baptist church, discussed the lesson for Sunday. At 9 a.m., after the Sunday school meeting adjourned, Miss Lillie Truatt, our worthy president, took the chair. The meeting was called to order, and Rev. Goodall read a few verses of Scripture. Mr. John Brown led in prayer. A very pleasant evening was spent in singing by the Society, and reading Shakespeare, etc. Dr. Granville took an active part in the exercises. He seems to be doing his best for the edification of our people.

Miss Josephine Jackson, who has been traveling two years with Miss Belle Gibbons in Europe and Africa, has been here at her old home two or three weeks. We are very glad to have her in our Literary Society as critic.

Rev. Goodall, who was the principal in getting up this Society, is doing all he can in building up the young people, spiritually, morally, socially, and intellectually, for their own good as well as that of the Society.

This organization has devotional exercises twice a month. We hope our president will soon introduce debates and speeches for our young men.

A drama called "a Breezy Time" passed through here last week, and Monday was in reality a very "breezy time." The wind storm [illegible portion] of several houses were blown off and a good many trees twisted up by the roots.

We had an excellent prayer-meeting last Wednesday night led by Bros. Coles and Hays, and the former almost preached a sermon.

Mr. Albert Wilson, formerly of this place, has been very ill for three weeks.

A number of our young men and ladies who are teaching school in the country spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the city. Among them were Misses Mary Bullock, N. L. Brown, and Mr. Richard Brown.

Mr. and Mrs. John Sellers, formerly of this place, now living at Clifton Forge, are visiting the father of Mr. Sellers in this city.

I am told by a man who heard the groans and prayers of those who were lynched at Clifton Forge, that every time he hears a gun fired he thinks of that night.

Miss Susie Reeves, of Staunton, Va., who spent a month with her friend, Miss L. Howard, in this place, returned home a few days ago.

Stella Burks was burned to death at Simeon P.O., Albemarle Co., Nov. 25th, 1891.

Miss Robertson, who was living with Col. Preston, died the same day.

The exercises of Thanksgiving Day were very good at the 1st Col. Baptist Church. History of the Church was explained by Rev. Alexander. It will appear in the columns of the PLANET next week.

Solo by Mrs. Kelser, address; on Church Societies Jas. Brown; Solo by Mrs. J. E. Brown, solo by Miss N. L. Brown-"Lilies and Violets," select reading by Miss L. Truatt, subject, "Our Country's Greatest Love," solo by Miss Josephine Jackson-"Bring Back My Bonnie to Me."

The exercises were closed by the singing of "Steal Away to Jesus" by Miss Jackson. After which we retired to the basement, where we partook of the bountiful spread of delicacies prepared for the occasion.

Your correspondent has been suffering lately with the grip, but is recovering now.


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Reports on general society notes concerning Charlottesville's colored citizens.

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