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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: November 28, 1891 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE ITEMS. Progressive Colored People-News Items.

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Our people are improving on every side. We now have a colored doctor and lawyer. They were born and raised here, and have been several years attending college. The undertaking company recently organized is doing well. The P.I. & L. Co. is progressing.

The Fair of the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, plainly shows that the colored people are making giant strides.

Mr. R. Kelser, the President of the Land Company, labored hard for its success.

Rev. Goodall preached a fine sermon last Sunday 11 A.M. He seems to be very earnest in his work. Mr. Philip Y. Wyatt who has been sick with fever is out again.

Mrs. Conrad who is of unsound mind, has been very violent for several days.

Rev. J. Francis Robinson visited Washington last week, and while there, received a telegram, notifying him of the death of his uncle.

Rachel Emmanuel is very sick, and is unconverted.

Miss Virginia H. Allen of this city who has been traveling in the North about 2 years is now sick with rheumatism in Michigan.

Miss Nannie L. Brown and Mr. R. H. Brown, who are teaching in the country were in the city Saturday and Sunday.

Mrs. N. Smith of Greenwood, Va., who has been living in the North six years was in the city last week, the guest of Mrs. Simon. She left Thursday for Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Mary Brown of Greenwood, Va., has purchased a house and lot out on the Ridge and expects to move there soon. I told you that Mrs. L.B. is a Professor of Theology. Why? Because a young man is studying for the ministry under her instructions.

Mr. Wilson Cobbs died on the 6th inst, at 2:30 p.m. His funeral took place Sunday at the 1st Colored Bapt. Church. Rev. L. B. Goodall preached his funeral.

Mr. A.F. Angel visited Gordonsville, Saturday. He spent a delightful time and was the guest of the Misses Johnson, and addressed the Sunday morning.

The PLANET can be purchased at Mr. John Brown's store, every Saturday.

Summary of Article
Reports on the social and economic state of Charlottesville's colored residents.

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