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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: May 30, 1891 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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MAY 27, 1891.


Having severed our relation with Rev. R. Alonzo Scott as pastor of our church the public is hereby notified that all solicitations for funds for the above named church on patronage asked in the behalf to concerts or other entertainments given by the Rev. R. Alonzo Scott is without the authority of said church and is positively forbidden as far as this church is concerned.

By order of the First Baptist Church, John Coles, D. D. Alexander, S. Sanders, P. Bolden, H. Kennie, James Kennie, James Coles, George Kennie, J. Sampson, W. P. Brown, J. L. Hayes, George Walker, J. A. Brown, Deacon Board.

--B. T. Tatum, Grand Chief of the Order of St. Luke, called on us this week in company with Mt. Lebanon Council, No. 10 Shaba, No. 18, Eureka, No. 6, Johnson No. 25.

--Mr. Isaac Crump has been confined to his residence on account of sickness but is improving.

Summary of Article
A letter announcing that First Baptist Church severed all ties with its former minister Robert Alonzo Scott.

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