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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: May 16, 1891 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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James H. Ferguson, Member Board of Directors of Saving Bank, Charlottesville, Va.

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Picture and caption of James H. Ferguson, a Charlottesville Banker

Page Note : Head shots of persons described by headline.

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THE VA. BAPT. STATE CONVENTION MEETS. Committees Appointed---Officers Elected

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The twenty-fourth annual session of the Va. Bapt. Convention was called to order by President H. H. Mitchell who made a few appropriate remarks and appointed Rev. J. H. Holmes and W. R. Brown to conduct the religious exercises. Hymn, Soldiers of Christ arise, was sung. Fifty first chapter of Isaiah, was read and prayer offered.

An address of welcome was delivered by a representative of the First Baptist Church, extending the hospitality of the Church and citizens of Charlottesville, to this convention.

Elder H. W. Williams of Petersburg responded in a feeling manner. The President then delivered his annual address in a masterly manner, praying for unity among the churches.

It was ordered to be printed in the minutes.

The need of a denominational paper, by Rev. Gordon of Lynchburg. His views were brilliant on the subject, to uphold the faith to defend attacks from the enemies of the denomination.

The paper was also supported by Revs. Z. D. Lewis, P. F. Morris, B. D. Johnson, C. W. B. Gordon [,] J. F. Robinson and G. W. Lee. Rev. J. M. G. Scott (white) was introduced to the convention and then gave the Colored brother good cheer by telling him that through the Bible he would sure gain success.

Rev. C. C. Stumm next addresses the convention on the cost of a paper. The annual sermon was preached by Rev. A. Chisholm of Bedford City. Although the weather was very inclement there was a large crowd in attendance.

The convention ordered his sermon to be printed in pamphlet form.


Devotional exercises- Report of the committee on new bodies which showed a healthy increase in membership.

Miss E. A. Garland, the only colored missionary employed by the Women Baptist Home Mission of Chicago was introduced and then address [sic] the convention on women's work. She is a fluent speaker and her mode of organizing and industrial work are something that will speak by the good it will do, if carried out to any extent.

The following resolutions were passed.

Resolved, That this Convention, having heard Miss F. A. Garland heartily endorses her and her work; and pledges her, its co-operation.

Resolved, That Miss Garland be and is hereby invited to visit our churches and that the Cor. Secretary of the convention be instructed to convey to the society our thanks for Miss Garland's appointment.

Election of Officers: President, H. H. Mitchel, 1st Vice-President, T. J. Chick; 2nd Vice-President, H. Jimmerson; 3rd Vice-President, C. A. Robinson; 4th Vice-president, A. Chisholm; Cor. Secretary, Binga; Jr.; Treasurer, Deacon J. E. Farrar; Statistical Secretary, D. C. Deane.

Summary of Article
Reports on the appointments made at the 24th annual session of the Virginia Baptist State Convention held in Charlottesville.

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