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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: January 10, 1891 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The entertainment given by the White and Red Rose companies at the First Colored Baptist Church was a grand success. The amount realized was $319.87.

Rev. Scott preached his annual sermon on last Sunday night to an immense audience. He made his annual report to the Church. The amount raised during the year was $1142.37.

Rev. Scott was unanimously called for life time at a salary of $1000, annually.

Rev. Vassar preached at the Mt. Zion Church on Sunday night and [illegible sentence] night.

Summary of Article
Reports on a successful fundraiser held at First Baptist church.

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Column 4-5
A Sunday School Snow House---Personals etc.

Transcript of Article


On Thursday night Dec. 25th the scholars of the First Baptist Sunday School were treated to a most unique and modern entertainment, gotten up by their efficient pastor, Rev. R. A> Scott and their energetic superintendent, J. A. Brown.

It was a snow-house very superbly decorated outside and in with [sic] very nice presents and lighted with Chinese lanterns. The spectacle was beautiful to behold. Though the weather was inclement, there was a large crowd out to see the new Christmas snow-house.

The Christmas Cantata was rendered by the entire school. Santa Claus then made his appearance in his snow-house and dispenses presents to the children. The prizes and presents were very valuable, costing the school about one hundred dollars.

A fine suit of clothes was presented to Rev. Scott from his congregation by Mrs. A. B. Parker and a fine wrap from the young ladies to Madam Estella Scott by D. D. Alexander.

Mr. M. Leighton Poindexter , who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. A. Brown during the Christmas [sic] eaves to day for Jersey City.

Summary of Article
Reports on the good attendance at the "snow house" where gifts and awards were given to outstanding members of the First Baptist church congregation.

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