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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: November 22, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Miss Nahar's Concert-Interesting Notes.

Transcript of Article


On last Wednesday night the 12th inst., Miss Ednorah Nahar, the celebrated elocutionist, appeared at the First Baptist church, and notwithstanding the threatening weather she was greeted with a large audience. Miss Nahar is an Elocutionist [sic] of the highest order, she exhibited rare culture and natural ability, and we feel that the audience, (of which a great portion were white) were [sic] highly pleased and satisfied. She was supported by some of the best musical talent of the city, among whom were; Madame Estell Scott, Mrs. J. A. Brown, Miss Florida Taylor and Miss Lizzie Toler. Our accomplished pianist, Mrs. K. V. Inge presided at the piano. Under the skillful management of our proficient pastor, Rev. R. A. Scott musical director for the evening. The entertainment was a grand success. Miss Anna Gatewood was presented with a beautiful watch, having sold the highest number of tickets.

Rev. Scott conducted services at St. John's Sunday for Rev. Cary. Quite a handsome collection was raised. He has done great good among the leading churches of the county, and has worked as arduously for them as he has for his own church.

He is an untiring christian worker. Quite a number of converts were baptized at the First Baptist church on Sunday night.

A grand lecture was given by Rev. W. W. Brown, on Thursday night. Rev. Brown was the guest of Mrs. S. J. Ferguson.

Mrs. Danie West took a flying trip to Richmond and Norfolk last week.

Fire broke out at the University, on Saturday morning, and a white man named O'Hara, [sic] was burned to death.

There will be a musical and literary entertainment at the First Baptist Colored Church by the Good Templars.

Miss Louisa Bullock is in the city owing to the illness of her sister, Miss Mary Bullock.

The PLANET can be had at Brown and Bullock's grocery store, where a full supply of groceries are always on hand.

Summary of Article
Reports on various newsworthy notes from Charlottesville including the visit of a noteworthy elocutionist to First Baptist church and a fire with casualties that broke out at U.Va.

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