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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: October 11, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Mr. W. H. Brooks, of Richmond, addressed the First Baptist S.S. of Charlottesville, Va., last Sunday , of which Mr. J. A. Brown is superintendent. His subject was "Sunday School Teacher's earnestness." He made a fine impression. Rev. R. A. Scott, pastor of the church is a Sunday School preacher of the finest order. He was Professor and principal of the Shelbyville Seminary of Tenn. for seven years.

He is a professor of 28 instruments and also teaches vocal music. His wife is the only lady cornet player in the south. [sic] Mr. Brooks was the guest of Mr. J. A. Brown. Since Rev. Scott took charge of the First Baptist Church he has raised $1387.60 to help pay off a debt of $2500 and has added to the church 96 members.

Summary of Article
Reports on the a talk given at First Baptist church by musician and teacher W.H. Brooks of Richmond.

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