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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 20, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Land Company. Sentenced to the Penitentiary.

Transcript of Article

The Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company has made another large purchase, the property belonging to Mr. Paul Lewis, above V. M. junction on Main Street, running back to the C. & O. R. R. There are a few more shares left, so hurry up and buy or you will get left. Apply at once to R. Kelser for information.

We are sorry we were deprived of the treat of hearing Miss Gibbons sing at the concert Monday night, as the programme said she would. She did not sing, for reasons best known to herself. But the "Sunny South Singers," under the management of Rev. Scott, did well. After which Co. B. had their festival, and a neat sum of money was realized.

The companies will fight to a finish Wednesday night, then the company which has collected the most money will bear away the banner.

A Grand Rally will be at the First Baptist Church Sunday, and friends to the cause from far and near are invited to attend; also to lend a helping hand in the way of money to help pay off the church debt. This debt has been reduced from $2, 300 to $ 1, 050 since Rev. Scott has been pastor. Preparations to feed friends from a distance will be made by members, who are ever ready to act in that direction.

The rally at Mt. Zion Church last Sunday was a success beyond the expectations of them all. Rev. Robinson is also a faithful worker, and reduced the debt on that (Mt. Zion) church also ($1,600.) God speed them both in their good work.

Ellen Benson, a colored woman, is sentenced to five years in the penitentiary for beating a white woman. The trouble grew out of a fight between the son of the former and the son of the latter. The fact that Ellen Benson is colored etc. was the main cause of this severe sentence.

The examination of the public school teachers was held last Friday. We hope that they will get certificates, although the superintendent did not give them time to answer all the questions. The whites were examined on Thursday and Friday, while the colored had only Friday, and not enough of that to finish. Will the colored people ever get justice, or does the superintendent call that justice?

We are glad that Muscoe's case has been postponed until December, and sincerely hope that he will get justice. Lawyer Hayes deserves all praise for the noble part he took in the case. The colored people of Charlottesville, especially, should stand by him.

Summary of Article
Reports on the status of Muscoe's case and encourages the colored people of Charlottesville to stand by the accused man.

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