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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 13, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., Sept. 9, 1890.

Transcript of Article

The festival Monday and Tuesday nights at the First Baptist Church by "Company B.," Mrs. J. A. Brown, "captain," was a great success, as was also the one given by Co. A. Madame Estelle Scott, Captain.

We hope Co. C. will meet with like success. Mrs. A. B. Parker, Capt.

Lawyer Hayes passed through here last week on his way home. He will again take up Muscoe's case.

Full particulars will be in our next issue.

Mr. R. F. Brown returned home on a visit from Charleston yesterday. He is gladly welcomed by his many friends.

Mr. Wm. Harris will leave us soon for California.

Charlottesville is getting lively again, as so many of our young men are returning home from the different summer resorts.

We are sorry to hear of the death of Mr. Wm. Lewis. He died last night at his residence near University St.

We are very sorry that some of our young people do not know how to respect the House of God. We hope that in the future they will not be guilty of laughing and talking during services and using profane and boisterous language at entertainments. It is not self respect, even, to be guilty of the above.

The PLANET can be had every Saturday at the following barber shops: Messrs. Ned Flemmings, George Rives and Preston Green's, all colored men, who are doing thriving business. Don't forget you can get it at Alexander & Bullock's, also, where you purchase your groceries.

Summary of Article
Reports on a festival held at First Baptist church and includes general updates on Charlottesville's Negro community.

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