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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: September 06, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Land Improvement Co--- An Excellent Concert.

Transcript of Article

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 3, 90.

The congregations of the First Baptist Church has been divided into three companies, A. B. C. to collect money to help pay the church debt. Madame Estelle Scott, is captain of company A. Mrs. J. A. Brown, Co. C., Mrs. A. B. Parker, Co. B. Miss Henrietta V. Davis, of Washington, the Celebrated [sic] Tragedienne and Elocutionist displayed remarkable talent in representing different characters, and some fine melodious music (vocal) was rendered by Miss S. Alice Kemp, of Richmond. Miss Annie Brackett, Mrs. J. A. Brown of Charlottesville; Miss S. H. Reed, Master Tommie Brent and Miss Georgie Burton. Madame Scott, played a solo on the Violin [sic], which captured the hearts of all. After the performances all were invited to the fete.

The Board of Directors of the P. I. and L. I. Company held their monthly meeting last night to transact business for the company. Fifty shares are offered for sale.

Miss Kemp, of Richmond, one of the ladies who sang so sweetly at the entertainment is the guest of Miss A. Brackett.

We gladly welcome Messrs. James, Bullock, Harris, Bland, Gillmore and some other young men, back home again from the summer resorts.

Some of the policemen have been turned off of the force, for what cause we know not. Policemen Saunders ought to be turned off for brutally beating a Colored woman over the head with his billet. He acted the part of a cowardly cur. It is said that her husband looked on, but did nothing to protect her. Where is his manhood. [sic]

Dear sir, in reply to an article in the Danville letter, I am sorry to say that many of our girls are guilty. But I am glad to say no ladies are guilty.

Alexander and Bullock are still preparing for the public so don't pass them by but stop in and see for yourself what they are doing. Look! they sells the PLANET, too. [sic]. 411 W. Main St.

Summary of Article
Reports on the brutality of Policeman Saunders who beat a colored woman over the head with his billet and went unpunished.

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