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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: August 02, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., July 22, '90.

Transcript of Article

The Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company is making such rapid progress that some of the shareholders who were beginning to feel sad, have begun to rejoice and be glad, knowing that they are not throwing their money away. They all come up to the front as men should do, and pay up their dues every pay-day. Even the Company's greatest enemies, the kickers, including many whites, acknowledge the Company's progressive merits, and now they cease to kick. It also proves that colored men can do something if they try. So do not throw away one of the best chances of your life, but apply at once to the president for general information; R. Kelser, president, B. C. Tonsler, secretary.

Rev. Scott, pastor of the First Baptist Church is in Danville, soliciting aid for his Church. He, Mrs. Scott, Misses Georgie Burton, Josie Thompson, and Master Tommie Brent constitute the "Sunny South Singers." They will take a tour through southwestern Virginia displaying their musical talent before they return home again. We wish them great success.

Mrs. Lizzie Williams of Danville is in the city, where she expects to spend the rest of the summer with her mother, Mrs. Bouser.

Messrs. George Rives, Edward Rives and Elijah [Gil?]more left last night for Healing Springs. We wish them a happy time during their trip.

We are glad to see Mr. Junius Michie out again after his severe illness.

Mr. Robert Scott [and his?] wife have returned home from their trip to Florida, where has [illegible] for the improvement of his [illegible].

C. W. Bailey, a white ma left here to-day for the penitentiary where he is sentenced to serve a four years' term for forgery.

Dry weather is the cry here now. We have not had rain here for nearly a month, and the prospects are that "hard times" will be the cry next winter, as the farmers' crops are drying up.

Why do Alexander & Bullock want everybody to take the PLANET? Because it is a first-class paper, edited by one of their race. And it is a good paper, that every right-thinking person should read. So don't fail to ask for it when you come to get your groceries [illegible] store 411 W. Main St.

Summary of Article
Includes an update on the progress of The Piedmont Loan and Land Improvement Company.

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