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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 19, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The Loan Company - Business Outlook.

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July 15, '90.

The Piedmont Industrial and Loan Improvement Company was organized April 1882 instead of 1880. The Colored people who are interested in this company found out to their satisfaction that this a good, reliable company, and they do not hesitate to do what any sensible people would do and that is to purchase a share. It is very plain indeed for the most ignorant man to see that he is only laying up a dollar for a rainy day, and when that day comes he not only finds the dollar he laid up, but that dollar has multiplied and brought forth more dollars. So you cannot commence to soon to save some money. If you take one share in the company at the end of fifty months you will have fifty dollars and all that fifty dollars have accumulated. One share is fifty dollars paid in monthly installments of one dollar. Two shares is one hundred dollars, paid in monthly installments of two dollars, and so on. Address Messrs. Robert Kelser, D. D. Alexander or B. E. Tonsler for general information.

Laborers are very scarce here, work is plentiful and wages moderately good considering what they have been, but good enough to induce the majority of the colored laborers to stay at home at work. Some of the whites are speaking of getting white laborers to work their farms for them. They think, or say they think, white labor is more profitable than colored. We have no objection how soon they hire white laborers, we want to see wages go up for it for it makes no difference what they say they will have white men to pay.

The First Baptist Church Sunday-school had a grand pin-nic [sic] Friday in the country. Men, women, and children were there with plenty of refreshments. All enjoyed themselves. Rev. Presley gave a lecture at the First Baptist Church Monday night which was not only facts but decidedly amusing to both old and young. His subject was "Africa and Africans." He gave a vivid illustration of the general habits of the African, why his nose is flat, face and lips thick. He was listened to with much eagerness throughout his whole discourse. He then sang to them in the tongue. After which a large number of the congregation went to a lawn party given for the benefit of Mt. Zion Church.

The Good Templars are still working faithfully, adding new members to their order. From the progress they have already made, they are destined to do much good. Rev. Scott lectured Monday night.

Mr. Charles Brown, president of the 3 V. Club is spending his summer at Capon.

Mr. A. F. Angel is at Mountain Top.

Where did you get those groceries? At Alexander & Bullock's. That is right, stop and get the PLANET too. 411 W. Main Street.

Summary of Article
Gives an update on The Piedmont Industrial Loan and Improvement Company and encourages Charlottesville residents to invest in the colored firm.

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