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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: July 12, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company has been in existence since April, 1880, and its achievements have far exceeded the expectations of the Company, for it has made large purchases and secured them, and we see an exceedingly brilliant future for the Company, if each stock-holder will on the first Monday in each month, do his whole duty in the way of settling for his stock. The company has made several sales with handsome profit. Rally to the books on the pay day, that nothing may be left undone to insure perfect success.

Mr. R. Kelser, President of the Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Co. spent several days in Norfolk last week, one in Portsmouth, and two days in Newport News, where he has been lecturing in behalf of the Grand Lodge I.O. of G. S. He will speak again in Norfolk Monday night, and Portsmouth, Tuesday night. Thence to Suffolk, Petersburg, Richmond, and back to Newport News. We wish him a happy time while away, and will be glad to see him return home again.

The general delivery system went into effect to-day. Houses and streets have been numbered, and the five mail carriers are going their rounds with mail. There are two general and one special deliveries a day. The letter carriers are to receive six hundred dollars the first year, and eight hundred and fifty dollars the next, if they give general satisfaction. We fail to see any colored men in the service. Is it too much money for the Negro, or did any apply?

The 3 V. Club had their Soiree, at the residence of Mrs. West, Thursday evening, and all had a joyful time.

The Literary met at Miss Lizzie Howard's Friday night, and the following officers were elected: C. Bullock, President; Miss Lou Kersey, Secretary; Miss Susie Alexander, Critic; Miss Maggie Brown, Chaplain. J. Muary and W. Irving, Editors of the paper. We are glad to say the literary is progressing rapidly, and each member seems to take great pride and interest in it.

Rev. Robinson of Fredericksburg, preached at First Baptist Church, Sunday. He is soliciting aid for the building of his Church. He received a handsome collection from this Church, and a handsome collection from Mt. Zion, Sunday before last.

At Alexander & Bullock's is where you can get the PLANET. They are also prepared to sell you first class goods at the lowest cash prices.

Summary of Article
Reports on the start of the general mail delivery system and comments that there are no colored letter carriers.

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