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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: June 28, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE Sunday School Association.

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The Albemarle Sunday School Association had a call meeting with the Union Ridge Baptist Sunday School on the 21st and 22nd inst. This Association is destined to be a great power in organizing and assisting feeble Sunday Schools, and in disseminating Baptist literature and doctrine. There was quite a large delegation present, and a handsome contribution realized, thus evincing the appreciation of the schools composing the organization. Rev. Scott of First Baptist Sunday School was appointed to preach a special Sermon [sic] in the morning, but failed to be there on account of urgent matters but made up for it in the afternoon. He preached an eloquent sermon, and all who heard it were pleased with it. After an old fashion hand-shaking the Association adjourned to meet with the First Baptist Sunday School Saturday July 26, 1890.

Monday after next, besides being court day, is pay day of the Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company. Every share holder come to the front and rally as you did before. Bring your friend and let them see what you are doing.
R. Kelser, President, B. E. Tonsler, Secretary.

Rev. Robinson has returned from his trip to New England, where he has been soliciting aid for his church. He is honored and much loved by his congregation. He has done much good for his (Mt. Zion) Church since he had been here, and his congregation is always ready to stand by him such is the confidence in him.

Mr. Peter Twyne and wife of Philadelphia are in the city visiting their relatives.

Miss Julia Wyatt, of Scottsville, expects to leave for her home Friday. She will be sadly missed by her many friends whom she has won here, and especially the 3 V. Club, who hope she will return again soon.

Mr. Edward Banks, an aged and respected citizen, died Sunday. His funeral was preached at Mt. Zion Monday.

Good Templar's organization are pressing forward. Three new members were added to their number Friday night. Rev. R. A. Scott sent in his application some time ago.

The 3 V. Club had their regular meeting Monday night, and as some of their members are going away to the mountains soon, their departure will be honored with the presence of their lady friends at a soiree at the residence of Mrs. West Thursday evening. After general arrangements were made for the Soiree, Mr. Philip Wyatt was promoted from Secretary to Vice President, J. Maury, Secretary, B. Bullock, assistant Secretary, W. Irving, Sergeant at arms. A. F. Angel is still our honored Chaplain.

Every body who is interested in the Negro Race, should read the PLANET. Stop at Alexander & Bullock's every Saturday and supply yourself with one. Remember you you [sic] can get your groceries there cheap, give hem a call and be convinced for yourself.

Summary of Article
Reports on various happenings in Charlottesville, including the success of the annual Albemarle Sunday School Association meeting.

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