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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: June 21, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., June 18, '90.

Mr. Robert Kelser, State Grand Chancellor of I. O. of G. S. of G. S. and D. of S. returned from Danville last week, where he attended the meeting of the State Grand Lodge. Besides being elected to the highest office in that Lodge, he is president of the Piedmont industrial and Land Improvement Co. All persons desiring information or shares, write to R. Kelser, who will give you prompt attention. Shares sold in any part of the United States.

The 3 V. Club had their meeting Monday night and all of its members were present, which robes their appreciation for the club.

Mr. and Mrs. Davenport, of Staunton, having closed their schools, are spending their vacation in our city. Mr. Davenport greatly surprised us last September by taking from us his bride, Miss Mary Gilliam, without letting us know anything about the engagement before hand. We had concluded not to forgive him but as they returned looking so happy, we [illegible] rejoicing, wishing them a long and happy life.

Rev. Scott, pastor of the First Baptist Church is still laboring untiringly to raise money to settle the church debt. He has won for himself a host of friends, both white and colored. So great is the confidence that the church has in him, that some have already said, "you lead and I will follow."

Friends and patrons, don't forget to call at Alexander & Bullock's and get the PLANET. Some failed to call for the PLANET last week. Come and get your groceries. You can get them cheap on cash, or leave your orders and have them delivered at about the same.

Summary of Article
Reports on various society notes from Charlottesville featuring the fund raising efforts of First Baptist church.

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