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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: June 14, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. A Land Company-Interesting Items.

Transcript of Article

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. June 12, '90.

The Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Co. is still on the road to prosperity. Over $380.00 were taken in on court day and all the members did not pay in their dues. Lots for sale, houses to rent, money on hand, etc. is proof enough that this company is no humbug. Any person desiring lots, shares, or general information, address President R. Kelser, vice-president, D. D. Alexander or any of the following Board of Directors;

S. Saunders, Charles Goodloe, Burkley Bullock, B. E. Tonsler, Stephen Logan, Rev. A. Truatt, John Coles, W. L. Brown, W. C. Gibbons, J. H. Ferguson.

Now is your chance to buy homes or invest your money in a safe and sure company, chartered by law, organized by colored men in Piedmont, Va. Do not stop to consider so long, but send for charter and by-laws, and see for yourself what this company is.

Rev. Robinson preached an excellent sermon on intemperance at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Sunday. We hope that all will beware who heard it.

Prof. Smith, a friend of Rev. Scott, gave a grand exhibition at the First Baptist Church Monday night and at Mt. Zion Church Tuesday night.

The literary met at Miss Rosa Coles' Friday night and had as nice a time as usual.

The 3 V. Club had their regular meeting Monday night, and as it does not keep stragglers in the club, I am sorry to say that it had to erase the names of some of its members.

Miss S. Alexander's school being closed, she has decided to spend her vacation at home, greatly to the house of her many friends.

Phalanx base-ball club of University, Va. played two lively games June 4th; one at Harrisonburg, Va., the other at Staunton. Phalanx is destined at some future day to stand equal to any nine in America.

Mrs. J. Dabney, who has been paralyzed for some time, died suddenly Friday. Her funeral was preached at the First Baptist Church Sunday, by Rev. Scott.

Mrs. Susan Gillmore, after a long illness died Saturday. Her funeral was preached at Mt. Zion Church Sunday by Rev. Robinson.

All who want the PLANET and the best groceries at the cheapest prices cash, call at Alexander and Bullock's every Saturday. Come early to avoid the rush.

Summary of Article
Reports on the success of the black land improvement company and encourages readers to support the businessmen from Piedmont, Virginia.

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