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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: May 31, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Land Improvement Company-General P. O. Delivery-Election News.

Transcript of Article

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. May 2[9?], [30?]

The officers of the Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Co. are hustlers of the... [illegible]...grow weary of disinterest in their efforts to push the [illegible] process. Nearly thirty hundred dollars worth of real estate... [illegible]...to the Co. last week by the Circuit Court. As ... [illegible]...are rejoicing... [illegible]...the Co. by paying one hundred dollars cash ... [illegible]...and still they [illegible].

Persons desiring to purchase [illegible] can call on President R. Kelser, Vice-president D. D. Alexander or the following Board of Directors:

J. H. Ferguson, [illegible], S. Saunders, S. Logan, [illegible], W. L. Brown, [illegible], John Coles, Sr.

Holiday broke... [illegible]...much rain but not ... [illegible]...the laboring man of... [illegible]...taking his holiday drink.

Charlottesville is growing so rapidly that the P. O. Department has decided to build a large Post Office [illegible] have a general delivery system. Streets are to be named and numbered, houses numbered and the city is to be furnished four letter carriers, which we hope will be colored, as the colored people constitute nineteen-twentieths of the Republican voters of this place and there are enough of them who are worthy and capable of filling the positions. Give the Black Man a show.

Miss Julia Wyatt of Scottsville, Va., is visiting her sister Miss Alexander.

The May Festival at the First Baptist Church was a treat long to be remembered by all who witnessed it. The Broom Drill Cornet band and Platting the May Pole were something worth seeing. And as for the queens. Miss N. Powell, May Queen; Miss Jennie Bullock, Queen of Roses; Mrs. Herndon, Queen of Night, Miss Sadie Allan, Queen of Day; and Miss L. B. Jackson, Fairy Queen, the beauty and the manner in which each acted her part, cannot be surpassed. The May-pole plat was sold at auction, B. Bullock, Jr., being the highest bidder.

Thursday, May 22 was election day here, and the Democratic candidates were re-elected to their respective positions: Mayor, Commonwealth's Attorney, Commissioner of Revenue and City Sergeant. No Republican candidates were in the field.

The PLANET can be had every Saturday at Alexander & Bullock's. Call and get your provisions, groceries, etc. at Alexander & Bullock's.

Summary of Article
A review of the May pole celebration as well as commentary on the local elections which were held on May 22nd.

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