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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: May 03, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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CHARLOTTESVILLE LETTER A Great Excitement-Rumors of Mob Violence Not Proved-Quiet Again Reigns Supreme.

Transcript of Article

[From Our Regular Correspondent.]

When the report was circulated around town that Rev. Scott had resigned the pastoral charge of the First Baptist Church it caused many persons to weep and others to rejoice, but the rejoicing ones have changed their joy into sorrow because he has not resigned. After having carefully considered the matter and giving his congregation the privilege to vote the Reverend decided to stay with us. Despite his efforts to do right he has enemies, but the majority are his friends. We would remind Rev. Scott that Christ (while on earth) had enemies and bid him to press forward.

The young people had quite an interesting meeting Thursday evening. Mr. Dunwiddle spoke. His lecture was both interesting and instructive. Mr. A. Brechin is expected to lecture next Thursday at the First Baptist church. Subject "The Seven Secrets."

The concert for the benefit of the Cottage Hospital was repeated by the Sunny South Singers Friday at the First Baptist church. The concert was a grand success.

Friday evening Rev. A. Truatt (former pastor of the First Baptist Chuch) was pounded by some of his friends who gave him many nice things which seemed to fill his heart with joy to know that members still think of him.

The Tabernacle society was expecting an anniversary sermon Sunday at the Zion Baptist church, but for some cause were disappointed.

It was rumored on Wednesday that a mob was organized to panish [sic] Rev. J. F. Robinson. It was investigated and no proof secured. The Reverend remains unhurt. Many good citizens were branded as being connected with this affair. Things are now quiet.

Mr. Jefferson Walker arrived home from Washington at 3:30 a.m. Sunday. He looks well.

The body of Mr. Charles Nightengake was brought from Pittsburgh, Pa. Saturday and his burial took place near Keswick, Va. Sunday the 27th. The opening base ball game was played Thursday 25th. The Phalanx vs. Blk. Pompadours. The latter being defeated by two scores, score 15th to 17th.

A society is now formed of yuong [sic] people and is called the Chas Summer literary or White ribbon Society, composed of females.

The 3 V Club held their meeting at C. H. Brown's residence, Monday 25th. They considered their financial condition, also the marriage of our member Lewis, which will take place [at] 1st Baptist Church, at P.M. Thursday.

Summary of Article
Details the controversial decision of Reverend A. Scott not to resign as the pastor of First Baptist church.

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