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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 12, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Sunday being Easter both churches were beautifully decorated. The floral offerings were grand. The services were held at Zion Church at 3 P.M. Many addresses were delivered interspersed with Easter songs and other selections. The orators of the evening were Messrs. Philip Hooker, Benj. E. Tonsler, Rev. Robinson and an essay by Miss Mary E. Cary. Madame Robinson and Mrs. Amanda Cary performed at the organ. $12.51 was collected. The services were held at the First Baptist Church at 7:30. A great many persons were present. Both races were represented. Master Tommie Brent sang a solo and Miss Georgia Burton and Tommie Brent a duet and also a solo by Mrs. Lizzie Brown, Madame Scott also played well on her cornet. Every person present left the church smiling and talking about the grand Easter service. Later on came in the cream in the shape of money which amounted to $336.80. This is only a partial report for there are several envelopes out yet which will swell the amount greatly. Rev. Scott had collected $51.65 mostly from white friends. This money is raised for a new roofing to be put on the church. Friday being a day of fasting and praying several persons went to Coresville where we feasted upon the Country pies, cakes, and chickens, and preyed much food.

We went to the closing of Mr. R.C. Lewis' school . The following persons formed the party, viz; Misses Nannie and Harriet Brown, Mrs. Emma Reeves, and Messrs. Coles and Brown.

Major Lincoln is not arrested simply accused of taking the coat. He has fled to parts unknown. Many persons are spending their holiday fishing. The Rio school boys have gone up to play the North Gardeners. The Black Pompadours are to play here at Chere at 3 p.m.

Summary of Article
A detailed description of the Easter services held at Zion Baptist church and 1st Baptist church.

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