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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 05, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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FROM CHARLOTTESVILLE. Interesting Items-Destructive Fire

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Charlottesville, Va., March 25, '90

An interesting meeting was held Sunday, Rev. D. C. Dean officiating. The subject, "Fire" was ably preached at 11 a.m. Text Job 1:16 which reads thus: "The fire of God is fallen from heaven, and hath burned up the sheep and the servants and I only am escaped to tell thee." The subject "Dry Bones" was also fine. The Sunday School was also well attended. The Thursday night meeting was led by Misses Nannie Goodloe and Lucy Kennie. Messrs. Thornton Coles and William Yancey are appointed to lead Thursday night 27th inst.

The attempt to lynch Muscoe caused much excitement here. Musco was taken away Friday evening where we hope him safe till his final trial has been given.

Mr. James H. Hayes, Esq., was in our city Friday looking bright and intelligent.

A very destructive fire destroyed a building near Keswick owned by Mr. William Hearnes (who married Miss S. E. Brackett) on Sunday, March 17th. Mr. Hearnes was away at the time and being a short distance he thought he heard his wife scream. He got home only in time to save a few things. Nothing of their residence is left but two chimneys. Mrs. Hearnes is at her mothers, Mrs. Mary Brackett. Mrs. Bennett who lived in a part of the house saved nothing. The Piedmont land improvement Company met at the Zion Baptist Church, Thursday 20th inst. It is nearly a year old and so far very successful. It is officered by intelligent and witty men and is now on the road to success. The Negro race is climbing the ladder though we meet with opposition.

The John Mitchell Literary and Social Society met at Miss S.J. Seliers, Friday 21st. The meeting was interesting and many persons were present. They adjourned to meet next Friday at Miss Lucy Buckner's.

The 3 V. Club met Monday 24th at C. H. Brown's on Ridge Ave. After the Club business was over the Court was opened and the case of William Irving presented, charged with slandering the club and two of its members. He will be dealt with as the Court sees fit. R. F. Brown for Commonwealth and W. H. Smith and J.A. Bullock and John Maury, Defendants, B. L. Bullock, Judge.

When you decide to subscribe for the PLANET or to buy the Black Phalanx remember that R.F. Brown is agent.

Summary of Article
Reports on the society happenings in Charlottesville including, news of a fire which destroyed the residence of William Hearns

Column 3

Transcript of Article

Both churches are preparing Sunday and anticipate raising a good sum of money on that day. Regular practices of Easter songs have been had. Madame Scott of the 1st Baptist church will perform on the cornet. Madame Robinson, organist for the Zion Baptist church.

On Wednesday 20th Charles Henderson was arrested and taken to Lynchburg for forgery. Major Lincoln accused of taking a student's over coat was arrested.

The 3 V. Club held their meeting March 24th, at C. H. Brown's residence on Ridge Ave. After club business was over the court assembled and Wm. Irving was charged with slander. Having found him guilty the court announced his sentence. C. W. Atty., Wm. Smith, J. A. Bullock and John Maury, Defendants.

Mr. Chas. Goodloe was quietly united in wedlock at the residence of Rev. Alexander Truatt, to Miss Lucy Reeves on the 25th inst. Many persons were surprised, but he was not.

Mrs. Clara Edwards has returned from California, Mrs. Patsy Parago from Boston, and Madame Scott, from Georgia.

Miss Lizzie Barcus, and Mrs. Luvinia Thomas are among the sick. Mrs. Harriet Brown is convalescent.

On Wednesday March 25th the funeral of Miss Carolie Baker took place at Zion Baptist Church. Her home was in Lynchburg, but she died in Baltimore having gone there in order that the doctors might try to cure her disease. She was prepared to exchange homes. A lecture was given by Rev. A. Scott, from Zach, 4th Chapter 10th verse. Meetings were conducted by Bros. Wm. Yancey and Thornton Coles. Sunday services, S. S. good at 9 A.M. 11 A.M. preaching by Licentiate Chapman Michie. Subject or text; Gen. 18:24, 25. 7 P.M. the pastor Rev. A. Scott, preached. Text, 2d Timothy 2:4. Subject, Christian warfare.

Mr. W. B. Davenport, of Staunton, was in our city Saturday making arrangements to give a concert here some time in the future.

Summary of Article
Reports on recent church activities in Charlottesville.

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