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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 29, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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AGAINST LYNCH-LAW IN VIRGINIA. Mr. Hayes' Client Narrowly Escaped Lynching---Thrilling Scenes Charlottesville.

Transcript of Article

William Musco, alias Wm. Thomas Jordan who has been twice convicted for the murder of Policeman Seal, (white) at Charlottesville, Va. has been removed to Lynchburg for safe keeping. James H. Hayes, Esq., the young colored lawyer secured a respite of 30 days from Governor McKinney in order to allow him time to prepare papers to be presented to the Supreme Court of Appeals. He expects to secure a writ of error.

He will then argue for a new trial.

It will be remembered that the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the lower court last December, since which time Musco has been again convicted. The case will hardly be argued before next December.

When the news of the respite reached Charlottesville a mob organized to attack the jail and lynch the prisoner, Wednesday night, 19th inst. The greatest excitement prevailed. Fire-bells and the bell at the University of Va. rung, and the Monticello Guards, Fire and Police Department ordered out to protect the jail. Thousands of spectators gathered in a few minutes. Later, quiet was restored, and the Governor was telegraphed. He ordered the troops to remain on duty as long as was necessary to protect the prisoner.

Mayor S. B. Woods, by his promptness prevented the infamy of lynch law from resting upon the fair name of the home of Jefferson.

Summary of Article
Reports the attempted lynching of William Musco who was convicted for the murder of a white policeman.

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