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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 22, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Rev. J. Francis Robinson, the pastor of Zion Baptist Church, having seen but a little of his congregation, decided to have what may be called a Love Feast, so on Wednesday the 12th inst, he asked all members and friends to come out so that he could have the privilege of seeing each person as he would pass up to the tables to partake of what they had brought bread, fish, ham, cake, coffee and other dainties. Many persons were present and all seemed to have enjoyed the hand-shake with their pastor. They held their communion Sunday, the second they have had since his installation.

Thursday evening the basement of the First Baptist church was again crowded with young people to engage in a prayer meeting. Every person seemed much revived. A young preacher Rev. Brown by name lost his valise between N.C. and Danville also his money which he had in it. Rev. Scott asked for him a collection and the congregation responded giving him his fare to Washington.

Sunday Rev. D.C. Dean of Ebenezer Baptist church, Staunton is expected to preach at the First Baptist church, at 11 A.M. and 7:30 P.M. Subject Fire! Fire!! Fire!!! in the morning and "The Valley of dry bones" in the evening.

Mr. Gilbert Scott the man who seems to be overcome by his religious enthusiasm was seen beating his wife while he was in an insane condition. Mr. Nelson Churchman seeing him about to strike her with a hatchet went or started into her assistance when Scott started for him and was about to strike him with the blade of the hatchet, Churchman managed to knock the lick off with his arm. Mr. Scott is now working and seems to be all right.

In reply to a letter written to the Attorney General urging the prompt disposal of the Muscoe case, Mr. Gilmore received the following letter:

Richmond, Va., March 4, 1890.

Dear Sir;---Your letter of the 1st inst. has been received. If the Muscoe case is again appealed. I will do all in my power to have it disposed of at the present term of court, but I must confess I see a very little hope for this. It would take some time to print this record, until the record is printed nothing can be done. Be assured I will speed the case all in my power.

Yours Respectfully,

R. Tyler Scott.

P.F. Brown agent for the Black Phalanx. Buy it and see what the negro did to save himself and abolish slavery.

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