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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 15, 1890 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Rev. Alonzo Scott, the pastor of the First Baptist Church deserves indescribable praise for his Christian deportment and as a preacher he ranks with the Revs. Binga, Barksdale, Brooks and many others whom I might mention. He has preached from many curious subjects, thus attracting crowds of earnest listeners, both white and colored.

The baptizing passed off well both in the morning and in the evening, though every place was crowded Sunday evening by both races.

After baptizing, communion was held and the sinners were separated from the Christians. Every Christian seemed deeply impressed. During the time the candidates were preparing for baptism one sister joined the church by experience and another by letter, thus the membership is increasing rapidly. The young people now have their meetings every Thursday evening. They have had it two evenings, and each time they enjoyed it more. Bros. Angel and Jno. Maury are to lead the meeting Thursday. Bro. Lester Brown was first appointed to assist Aangel [sic] but he said in church that he would not be in the city. But after getting out of doors he remembered that he would go away Friday morning.

A committee being appointed to select a name for the young people's literary will report the following name: The John Mitchell Literary and Social Society," named in honor of the editor of the PLANET.

Miss Belle F. Gibbohs gave her farewell concert last Monday, March 3rd. many persons being present to show their appreciation. They were expecting a good time and they were not disappointed.

She is another Minnie Hauk, and I think she will equal Madame Foster. She was assisted by Misses Minnie Brown, Josephine Jackson, and R.F Brown. She (Miss. Bell) is now in Washington expecting soon to sail for Europe with the Virginia Opera Company.

Mr. J.J. Christian, the champion colored roller-skater of America, has made his first appearance in our city on last Wednesday night he gave his exhibition and everyone was highly pleased. He has defeated the Pittsburgh champion and also the Portsmouth, Ohio champion. Should he make his appearance in Richmond of any other place, he deserves the patronage of every person.

Mr. Miles E. Smith, barber at Mr. Ferguson's, was joined in wedlock to Miss Elizabeth Jackson at the bride's residence, Thursday evening March 6th.

Mr. Robert Buckner, Jr., son of Mr. Robert Buckner and brother of A.F. Buckner, the grocer on University St., died at Charleston, W. Va. He leaves a large concourse of friends and relatives to mourn their loss.

Musco, the prisoner for whom Mrs. Hayes plead, was visited by Revs. Alonzo Scott and Tinseley Woodfolk. Musco says that he prayed for a new hearing and got it, and now he is still praying for another new trial. He seems a little deranged.

May every Christian pray that justice be done and prejudice be driven from the hearts of the people.

The 3 V Club was out in full to the skating on Monday night, having postponed their meeting for that purpose. They were there in couples, two of a different kind. Christian did well. The race should be proud of him.

A fine speech was delivered by Mr. Addison D. L. Angel.

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Charlottesville society notes including recent sermons, performances, weddings and deaths.

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