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Location: Charlottesville , Virginia
Date of Publication: May 19, 1934 (Tuesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Jefferson School Play

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The Senior Class of Jefferson High School presented a play entitled "No Account David", in the Auditorium last Monday at eight thirty. A large crowd attended and the play was a great success. The role of David, the hero, was depicted by Mr. Carl Johnson; Ned Golden, John A. Jackson, Jr., cowardly grandson of Grandma Golden, played by Miss Adele Martin. Chum, Mattie and Zetta, three vaudevillians came to the little town just in time to save Grandma Golden's house from the clutches of the mortgager. Chum, the father was represented by Ellard N. Jackson, whose every appearance caused the audience to almost burst with laughter. Mattie, Chum's wife, played by Miss Grace Burley, aided in the hilarity caused by him. Zetta, the beautiful vampish daughter of Mattie and Chum, wrought by havoc in the household by stealing Ned's love from Jean, the demure little village teacher who learns to love David, the hero, who made a great sacrifice. Jean Matthew's role was depicted by Miss Elizabeth Harris, and Zetta, the vamp, Miss Virginia Lewis. Other roles were played by Mr. Lorenzo Price, the sheriff, Mr. Horace Porter, the cruel mortgager and Mr. James Gault, a little village boy who caused the arrest of Ned.

Between the first and second act Miss Thelma Watson sang "Dusk and the Shadows Falling". She was accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Annie Coles Johnson, local music teacher. Mrs. Alberta Hall Loving was directress.

Summary of Article
An account and favorable review of Jefferson School's Senior class play, "No Account David."

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Boy Scouts Present Mother's Day Program

Transcript of Article

The Boy Scouts were in charge of the morning Sunday services at the First Baptist church on May 13th. Their program was in honor of Mothers' Day. It was as follows: Scripture Reading, Scout James Gault; Paper, "Why we celebrate Mothers' Day", Scout Wm. Jackson; Poem, Franklin Jackson; Yell, led by Franklin Jackson, by Troop; Remarks, Scout Master W.R. Meekins; Poems, Group of Scouts; First Aid, led by Jack Jackson; Paper, Monroe Upshaw; Address, Dr. J.A. Jackson; Scout Prayer, Bernard dabney; Poem, Loyd Quarterman; Remarks, Rev. Logan Solo, Scout Master W.R. Meekins; Benediction, Phillip Porter.

The Master of Ceremonies was Assistant Scout Master, Charles Thomas.

Summary of Article
A short listing of the Boy Scouts who participated in a Mother's Day program held at First Baptist Church on May 13, 1934.

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Society Notes of Charlottesville

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The funeral services of Reverend C. D. Allen, who died at the University Hospital last week, were held at Shiloh Baptist Church, of which he was the pastor for four years, last Monday at one o'clock. Interment at Howardsville, Va., his former home.

The funeral services of little Austin Breckenridge were held at Ebenezer Baptist Church last Tuesday at 2:30.

Mrs. Grace Anderson of Ridge Street returned to this city after visiting friends in Washington and Baltimore.

Miss Bertha Winston is indisposed at her residence on Rosser Avenue.

Mr. James Baylor was the guest last Monday of his wife, Mrs. Ella B. Baylor.

Mrs. Thelma McCreary, wife of Reverend McCreary, underwent an operation at the University Hospital.

Mrs. Sophalia Massie is ill at the University Hospital.

Mr Floyd Banks of Chicago spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs. Sophia Banks of Preston Ave.

Mr. and Mrs. Tobert C. Drakeford spent last week end in Washington, D.C.

Mrs. Eliza Hicks of Chestnut Grove spent last Friday and Saturday with her son, Mr. Loyd Banks of 10 1/2 St.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gilmer, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Henderson of Tenth St., and Miss Georgia Harris of 10 1/2 St. motored to Howardsville to witness the interment of Reverend C.D. Allen, last Monday. On their return, they stopped in Esmont, Va., to visit their cousin, Miss Elva Powell.

Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Lee entertained a group of friends at their residence on 10th St., Sunday night. They were: Mr. Beecher Coles and Miss Margaret Davis of Atlantic City; Mr. William Cogbill of New York and Mr. John Coles of 10th St.

Sunday afternoon at 3:30 the Odd fellows held their Annual Thankgiving Serive at Mr. Zion Baptist Church. The principal speaker was Dr. George F. Johnson, local physican. His address was on Fellowship. the program was as follows: Prayer, Mr. Marshall Howard; Opening Ode, Choir; Responsive Reading, Lodge; Song, "Praise God from Whom All Blessing Flow"; Address, Dr. Johnson; Solo, Mrs. M.F. Strassner; Selection, Union Quartette; Song, Choir; Sermon, Rev. A.L Upshaw. Mr. Douglas Edwards was Master of Ceremonies. Members of Program Committee, Mr. M.J. Howard, Chairman and Mrs. Ida. L. Farrar, Secretary.

Last Sunday, Miss Genora Newman, Group Leader No. 1, Ebenzer B.Y.P.U., sponsored a program the regular B.Y.P.U. hour, in commemoration of Mothers' Day. The program was as follows: "Mother's Thoughts", Miss Cora Powell; Solo, Miss Louise Riddick, "Mother Machree"; Recitation, "Mother of Mine", Miss Anguila paige; Duet, Mrs. Mary Battles and Miss Genora Newman; Recitaion, Mrss Virginia Thompson; Solo, "Mother Dear", Mrs. E.D. McCreary; Recitation, Miss Christine Monroe; Duet, Misses Evelyn and Helen Lightfoot.

Misses Nannie and Mary Harris visited relatives in Scottsville Sunday.

Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Burley and daughter, Miss Grace Burley, visited their son, Mr. Fredrick Burley, at St. Emma Institute, in Rock Castle, Va., last Sunday.

Miss Alease Witherall, who has been teaching school in Wista, Va., is in the city. She is residing with her parents, Mr. George Witherall of Sixth St.

Mrs. Bettye Shaw of Tenth St., was the dinner guest Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James Jones of Grove St.

Mrs. Matilda watson remains ill at her residence on Sixth St.

The funeral services of Mr. White who died at his residence on Fifth St. last Sunday afternoon, were held at First Baptist Church Tuesday evening at 3:30.

A delightful birthday party was given little Dolly and Betty Gross, children of Mr. and Mrs. Van Gross, Jr., at the residence of their grandparents, on Grady Avenue, Thursday, May 28th at four P.M.

Everything was beautifully decorated in pink and yellow. Those present to help the little girls enjoy the occasion were: Little Misses Alberta Alexander, Catherine Barbour, Elaine Henry, Tilly Jackson, Hallie Lawrence, Louise Jones, Ruth and Elizabeth Fleming, Juanita Williamson, Sylvia and Rita Inge, Viola Robinson, Constance Gofney, Thelma Watson, Fannie Washington, Katherine Moon and Rosemary Monroe: Masters Alden Jackson, Elwood Jackson, Wilfred Wilson, Alvin Williams, Aston Barbour, Frank Henry, Jr., Billy Jackson, Earl Gordon, Jasper Jones, and Miss Genova Knox.

Miss Rosalie Wars entertained a group of friends at a birthday party on last Wednesday evening at her residence on Page St. Those present were: Misses Helen Bryant, Margaret Wars, Mildred Wars, Marble Jones, Ruth Fortune, Evelyn Lightfoot, Inez Jackson, Emma Browne, Minnie Harris, Christine Abrahams, Adele Martin, Evelyn Goines, Mrs. Lou Blakley. Messers. Arthur Wars, George Harris, Thomas, Martin, William Jones, Joe Mason, Charles Blakey, Charles Fagans, and Leonard Barbour and Lorenzo Price.

Mrs. Georgie Albony is the houseguest of Reverend and Mrs. E.D. McCreary. Mrs. Albany is the mother of Mrs. McCreary.

The Deluxe Glee Club presented a program, dedicated to their mothers at First Baptist Church last Sunday afternoon. A very representative crowd attended.

Reverend W.J. Lucas of Philadelphia preached at Ebenezer Baptist Church last Sunday morning. He left afterwards for Lexington to deliver an address to the Odd Fellows.

Miss Wonza Williamson of Booker St. left the city Tuesday morning for Washington, D.C. at which place she will remain for two days then she went by motor to her home in Connecticut where she will remain indefinitely.

Among those that motored back to Washington Tuesday evening with Mrs. John Westly Johnson, formerly of this city to attend the Howard Theatre, featuring Cab Calloway and Orchestra were Misses Lottie Terry, Susie and Louise Alston. Messers. John Becks, Charlie Lee and Mr. Floyd Byrd. Mr. Byrd is now residing in Washington for an indefinite length of time.

Mr. James Brown and his mother, Mrs. Nannie Brown of Oak Union recented motored to Englewood, N.J. where they are visiting relatives and friends.

Summary of Article
Various Local announcements detailing what members of Charlottesville's black community were doing, from attending birthday parties, to patronizing local bands or going to funerals.

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