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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 08, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Charlottesville Notes

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April 3, 1893

On the 26th of March the Sunday School Union in regular session at Mount Zion Baptist church opened at 3:30 P. M., by singing from gospel hymn No. 114. Prayer by Bro. R. Wood. Scripture reading by Rev. R. B. Hardy, 145th Psalm.

The report of the committee appointed to distribute the funds of the Union among the poor of the School was received and adopted, Mrs. Melinda Mason, chairman of the committee. On motion, the following new officers were elected: Mrs. Ida Seay, Second Vice President; Miss Rachel Wood, Secretary, Miss Ida Scott, Assistant Secretary, J. A. Kenney, Corresponding Secretary; Miss Minnie Cerill, Assistant Organist. The remaining officers were retained. The other business transacted. The recitations by the scholars, songs by the schools; select reading by Miss Minne Ferrill, essay by J. A. Kenney, subject; "The benefit derived from being united."

Collection was taken up, the Union then adjourned to meet again on the fourth Sunday in April.

J. A. KENNEY, Cor. Sec'y.

J. A. Brown, President,

Mr. George Whiting has recovered from a severe attack of typhoid fever. He returned to Greenwood yesterday on the 12:30 train.

Mrs. Louisa Walker died last Tuesday morning. Her funeral took place from the Mt. Zion church, of which she was a member. She died very happy.

Mr. Philip Johnson is out again.

Rev. Bosley Boyce is now pastor of the John Wesley M. E. Church.

Rev. Walker, who has travelled [sic] over a great portion of the Eastern Continent, lectured at Mount Zion last Friday night. He exhibited relics from different parts. Rev. Turner, the Sabbath School Missionary, lectured at the First Bapt. church last Wednesday night.

A colored man was killed near the C. & O. Depot last week.

The Phalanx Baseball Club is arranging to have several Baseball games to visit this city this season and must have enclosed grounds to make it interesting and profitable. They have arranged to enclose good grounds near Preston Heights and most respectfully ask the aid of the public. Any amount will be thankfully received by their agents at 409 W. Main St., Charlottesville, Va. R. N. Michie, Manager.

Nine candidates were baptized today at the First Colored Baptist church.

Quite a number of the Public school teachers are spending Easter in the city.

Truth is the light.

Summary of Article
Church news; community gossip

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