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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: April 01, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Mrs. Betsy Toler, a venerable old lady, departed this life Saturday night, 18th inst. She was a faithful member of First Baptist Church for years, almost every time the church was open she was there. She was also a scholar in the Sabbath school. She also was a member of two societies, viz: the Daughters of Zion and Samaritans. Her funeral took place this afternoon. Mr. John Page, a young man about fifteen years, and Miss Bettie Thomas left for Washington not long since on a visit, as they pretended, last week. His mother happened to be looking over some papers in his over-coat pocket, and found a marriage certificate. She ran to her husband and fainted for a while. Mrs. Bettie Page is now in Baltimore and her young husband is here. Little Albert Williams has improved.

Mrs. Lucy Oliver of New York is in the city, visiting her mother, Mrs. Louisa Walker, on Gospel Hill.

Mrs. Reeves left for Washington, D. C., to see some of her relatives, who are sick. Miss Virginia Allen has gone to Washington to see her uncle's wife, who is very ill. Miss Susie Alexander has closed her school.

Mr. Philip Young is in the city.

The revival is yet going on at the First Baptist Church. There are 30 converts, among who are two of our noted young men--Mr. P. Y. Wyatt and Homer Ragland.

Rev. T. Woodfolk will conduct the services this week.

Mrs. Toler died happy. Hundreds of people went in to see her yesterday . She has gone on to glory, there no more the powers of hell can prevail to mar her peace. Christ the Lord shall guard her well. He, who died for our release. Peace be within thy walls.

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