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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 18, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Destroyed by fire--Cut His Hands--Passed Away

The Monticello Knitting Factory was totally destroyed by fire last Friday night. Mr. George Whiting has been very sick the last week, also Mr. Philip Johnson is ill. Mr. Charles Brown has returned after a week and a half's stay in Washington. Miss Lillie Truatt, who is teaching near Free Union was in the city two days, also, Mr. Silas B. Jackson.

A certain gentleman near here, last Sunday, was in such a hurry to go out in the country to see his girl that he let a razor fall on his hand and cut it very badly. The doctor sewed it and he went on to see his fair one, and was very successful, for her parents gave her to him that day.


WHEREAS, for another time in the history of this Tabernacle, we have been called upon to lament the death of our beloved sister J. E. Saunders, who has been summoned by the grim monster Death, therefore, be it

Resolved, 1st That by the dispensation of Providence, our beneficial and charitable Institution has lost a faithful member, the husband an affectionate wife, the children a loving and indulgent mother, and the community a good and peaceful citizen.

Resolved, 2nd, That while we bow in humble submission to the all wise decree of the great I am, we can but deplore the loss of her with whom we have spent so many hours in fraternal capacity, been associated with so long. We desire to extend the bereaved family of our departed sister the heartfelt sympathy of the Victoria Tabernacle of the A. O. Band of S. of H. and C. in this hour of trial.

Resolved, 3rd, That in honor of the memory of our deceased sister and as a tribute to of affectionate regard for her virtuous and many womanly qualities a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to the family of the deceased, together with a certificate of her membership.

Resolved, 4th, That our departed sister having been a member of our Tabernacle ten years, and held the office of treasurer faithfully seven years an in 1886, the 2nd Wednesday in May was elected D. G. V. of the district No. 42, Grand Tabernacle, No. 2 of the G. G. A. O. of B. and S. of H. and C.

Resolved, 5th, that the usual lodge of mourning be worn by each member for the period of thirty days and the furniture of the Tabernacle be draped with the same.


" MINERVA SMITH Committee.


The C. G. U. S. Club gave a grand entertainment at Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Tuesday evening last. They were assisted by the well-known elocutionist of Boston, Mrs. Annie E. Robinson formerly of Charlottesville, now residing in Washington.

Programme: Opening by singing The Little Brown Church in the Vale. Recitation by Miss Minnie Watson. Select Reading by Miss Malinda Stables. Recitation by Miss Janie Brock. Recitation by Miss Minnie Watson. Diologue [sic] by Benjamin Deane, Misses Janie Brock, Mary Watson and Edmonia Wallace, Subject: Charlie's Two Wives. Recitation by Miss Janie Brock. Duet by Misses Rachel Wood and Malinda Staples. Recitation by Mrs. Annie E. Robinson, Subject: Jemima's Courtship. Solo by Miss Malinda Staples. Closed.

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson have not been forgotten by their many friends of Charlottesville. This club showed their friendship towards them by giving her the entire proceeds of this entertainment. Mrs. Robinson after spending a week of enjoyment with her friends left for Washington on the third inst. She left feeling that they had many friends in Charlottesville.

P. G. Gibson, Pres.

S. M. Benson, Sect.

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