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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 11, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Charlottesville Letter

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., March 6.--Mrs. Mary Ann Coles, funeral took place from the First Colored Baptist Church, Thursday evening. Quite a large crowd was in attended, including a number of white persons, who gladly bear tribute to her worth. She was known as "Mammy" by quite a number and was a very faithful and highly respected lady. The contract for the new edifice (the Ebenezer Baptist) has been awarded to R. C. Vandergrift & Son and when complete will cost about $4,500. The building will be quite attractive in point of architecture as well as a credit to the congregation. Rev. Alexander Truatt is a hard worker and to his energetic efforts is largely due the success of the undertaking. He is liked by all classes and his conduct here has won for him the confidence and assistance of the best people in this community for several years. He was pastor of the First Baptist Church in this city when he was called to Steelton, Penn. He remained there two years when he accepted a call to the Ebenezer Church. When the PLANET first came her he encourage[d] his congregation from the pulpit to take it and a great many responded. Mr. Cecil Miller (a friend of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Brown) who was born and raised in Virginia but has been away for about twenty-eight years, now living in New York, is in the city visiting Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

Mr. Townsend is in the city. Our correspondent and Mr. Eugen Bland visited Mr. John Williams at the Woolen Mills who is sick nearly ever since he was married (about two years and a half). A number of people went from here to the inauguration.

Our correspondent is deaf from cold on head, yet he heard a lady persuading a christian not to visit Fool rooms.

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