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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: March 04, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Trouble about a Policy--Bad Roads--Newsy Items

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Trouble about a Policy--Bad Roads --Newsy Items.

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., Feb., 27.--Mr. Reuben Lewis, a venerable and highly respected old gentleman among both white and colored, died last Friday night in Canada with pneumonia. Dr. Dabney treated him. His life was insured, but the old man made a mistake by nineteen (19) years on the insurance books, that his age is 41 years but he is supposed to be about sixty. There is some doubt about his family getting the money.

Mrs. George Coles is sick.

Mr. William Washington, who is now living at Miller's School, was in the city last week visiting friends.

There is no place like home. Although the roads are in a terrible condition, they don't prevent a number of public school teachers from coming home on Sundays. Among the visiting elders last week were Rev. Lee Jones, Rev. Hawkins and Rev. Overton.

Mrs. Louisa Walker is ill on Gospel Hill.

Mrs. J. Francis Robinson is in the city and will give an entertainment tonight (25th) at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. Rev. J. Francis Robinson is [sick? back?] in Washington.

Miss Lucy Walker received two large beautiful pictures from Charleston, W. Va, not long since.

Mrs. Booker (a widow lady) and Mr. Edward Shiman were married last Wednesday night at the home of the bride. Rev. R. B. Hardy officiated.

Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Angel seem to be very happy over the arrival of a new angel in their home.

Mrs. A. B. Parer who has been very sick is much improved.

Our correspondent wishes the gentlemen well who complimented the PLANET so highly Saturday night in front of Mr. Ferrell's store. They said, "God bless the PLANET!" and may it ever live. Please subscribe and help it to live.

As soon as the road is in good travelling condition, our correspondent will deliver several addresses which he has prepared. He will speak at several churches in the country.

Mr. Lewis' funeral took place Sunday afternoon from Mt. Zion Church.

Mr. White of Staunton, Va., was in the city last Sunday.

Mr. John Sheldon was in the city two days. Miss Suale Alexandria spent two days in the city.

"Let my lamps at midnight hour,
Be seen in some high lonely tower
Strong as a tower in hope I cry."

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Community gossip

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