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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: February 25, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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Interesting Entertainment--Found Dead--Killed on the Railroad

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Interesting Entertainment,--Found Dead.--Killed on the Railroad.


J. E. Draper gave a concert Monday evening 13th inst. at the Mount Zion Baptist Church. A large crowd attended. Programme consisted of Solos, duets, Trios, Quartettes and Choruses, Charade, A Decisive Failure, A Midnight Call, Juvenile Sextette: Katie Southall, Gertrude Kennie, Mamie Coles, Lottie Coles, Johnny Coles, Willie Lee and Willie Harris. Grand Finale Charade, Flour of the Family. It was highly enjoyed.

Rev. I. L. Thomas, presiding elder of Alexandria District Conference, spoke at the M. E. Church, 14th inst. Subject, "The duty of the colored man towards himself." All were well pleased who heard him.

Peter Lintum, on Monday evening 13th inst. went to bed at his usual hour. In about a half hour after he retired his wife went to the bed and found him dead. He had worked all day at his business of section hand on the C. & O. R. R. He complained of feeling unwell a few minutes before his death.

Last Friday evening the C.G.U.L. Club met in their room on Dice St. Many visitors were present to listen to the address of Mr. J. T. Scott, Vice-President of the Club: Subject, "Race Progress." All visitors are at liberty to visit the C.G.U.L. Club room on Sundays. Peter Gypson, President; S. N. Benson, Sec't.

Reeves Carrell, a boy about sixteen years old, was killed by the cars on the Virginia Midland railroad, on the 11th inst. near Profit Station. He was the sole support of his mother, who is sickly.

Mrs. Schuyler Sanders died on the 8th inst. Her funeral took place Thursday 3:30 P. M.; from the Baptist Church. She leaves a husband and four little children, one of them is very young. She was a member of the I. O. of Good Samaritans.

Miss Van Metter and Rosa P. Angel, have recovered from a severe attack of La grippe. Miss Nannie L. Brown who has been confined to her room nearly three weeks is out again. Miss Lucy Walker who was teaching near Meebunis River has closed her school because she couldn't make her average.

Miss Georgia Smith left for Washington, D. C., last Saturday to attend school. The debate between Messr. Ben Tonsler, Chas. Bullock, Jr. and Robt. Kelsor, A. F. Angel, was postponed last Friday evening on account of bad weather.

Mr. Robt. Kelser left Friday afternoon for Richmond.

A small building on West Main Street near Wright's Hotel was burned down last Friday night.

Mr. Wood, a venerable old man, died last week. He had given his last two years service to the Lord; he joined the Church during Rev. Scott's administration. I am informed he died happy.

A lady and gentleman whispered so loud last week an angel heard them making arrangements to elope on the 8th of March. I will tell you who they are when they are gone.

Rev. Presley arrived Thursday 16th inst. He is conducting a revival here and expects to stay ten days.

The snow has disappeared. But the roads are muddy and almost past traveling.

Summary of Article
Community entertainments; community gossip; death announcements

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