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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: February 11, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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The Charity Entertainment--Special Items

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., Feb. 7th, '93.

The I. O. of Good Samaritans gave at entertainment at the First Baptist Church for the poor. They are extending a helping hand to needy ones outside of the order. The programme opened with singing by the Choir. Prayer, address by Rev. L. B. Goodall, after which the debate took place. Subject: Resolved that whiskey has caused more grief than--Messrs. Inge and Ferrel, affirmative; Messrs Kelser and Brown, negative. The judges were Messrs. J. Mickles, Ben Tonsler, Wm. Brown, Chas. Coles, A. F. Angel. The discussion lasted one and a half hours. Mr. Ferrel made a mistake in the subject instead of dismissing the grief he [illegible] in the injuries. Mr. Kelser was very flowery indeed. The judges decided in favor of the affirmative.

Ten dollars were realized at the door. This order will give entertainments every week for [illegible portion].

[illegible portion] grocery store to 318 South 12th St. he is yet confined to his room.

Mr. Wm. H. Parago, Jr., who has been very ill with the La grippe is able to be out again.

Miss Jennie E. Reynolds of Covington, W. Va., has returned to the city.

The Olive Leaf Club ladies, gave a parlor social at the residence of Mr. B. Watson Friday evening. The guests were Misses M. Watson, M. Daulton, Rachel Wood, Ida Scott, Bettie James, H. Johnson, L. Schanks, R. Brown, S. Banister, N. Ragland, B. Waller, J. Cosby, R. Ross. The gentleman were Messrs, G. Dickerson, Wm. Shepard, R. Carr, J. Scott, J. Farrar, Wm. McCulla, J. Martin, Joseph Sellers, B. Nelson, R. Barcus, E. Johnson, Robert Coles, B. Taylor. They had all that heart could wish served in courses. Rev. H. B. Hardy failed to be present, but was surprised the next morning when Miss Wood waited on him with a large basket of refreshments.

Mrs. Simons is sick with La grippe on Gospel Hill.

Summary of Article
Community group events; community gossip

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