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Location: Richmond, Virginia
Date of Publication: January 21, 1893 (Wednesday)
Frequency: weekly
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religious exercises--big fire--fingers cut off

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January 21, 1893

p. 1, c. 4.




For the last week the weather has been terribly severe. The thermometer has been down below zero.

Rev. Davis, pastor of the M. E. Church preached at the Ebenezer Bapt. Church Sunday 11 A. M. Text: "He that drinketh of this water shall never thirst."

In the evening Rev. A Truatt took up a collection for Mr. George Simms, who is attending the Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va.

A dwelling house on Green street was entirely consumed by fire Sunday, between six and seven o'clock.

Mr. Bailey Scott who is employed at Mr. H. C. Micher, had four of his fingers cut off, 9th inst., in a feed cutter.

He is noted for his honesty and integrity, and has been working for Mr. Micher a number of years. He was immediately treated.

Miss Maggie Brown, who has been in the city about three weeks, returned to Pittsburgh, Pa., on 14th inst.

On the 13th inst, the air brakes on the F. F. V. broke as it passed the junction in full speed. Three men jumped off. One colored man from Alexandria got his leg broke.

Mrs. Willie Thomas near the U. of Va., died on the 10th inst.

Mr. Harrison Robertson died last Tuesday in Kellytown.

Mr. Harry Coles and Miss M. E. Logan were married last Wednesday eve. 11th inst., at the John Wesley's Chapel, Rev. Davis officiated.

Mr. J. Gaines and Miss L. Sheperd will be married on the 26th inst.

Miss (P) who was talking very loud and rapid, Miss (M) where have you been to-day? (P) Why? You must have been out and got full wind the way you are blowing off ([illegible]).


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