MDST 382: History and Digital Media Course Syllabus

Douglas Seefeldt
Media Studies Program
Virginia Center for Digital History
University of Virginia Spring 2003

Tuesdays 3:30-6:00 p.m. Pavilion VIII, room 103

Course Objectives

This is an opportunity for a limited number of students from a variety of disciplines to receive credit while gaining hands-on experience with New Media while working on the Virginia Center for Digital History (VCDH) Lewis and Clark digital history project. You will have the opportunity to learn how conduct historical research, mark up text, create an intentional archive, and develop dynamic presentations from your findings under supervision of a faculty member. Students will discuss and develop their own research topic through regular meetings with the instructor and their teammates and produce a collaborative work of digital scholarship.

Course Requirements

This course has four equal requirements; assessment is based on a combination of both individual and group components:

Active participation

Attend and actively participate in all facets of the course

Online journal

Where you will analyze the group readings, develop plans for your final project, and compose a final self-evaluation. The 8 journal entries (approx. 500 words each) are due prior to the group meeting that week. We are using the Toolkit discussion function as the online journal for this course.

Written Reports

In which you will survey and assess a selection of digital resources and compose your project text.

Final project

Where you work with a team to plan and produce a digital history project on some aspect of the Lewis and Clark legacy in Virginia.

Course Schedule & Assignments

Please complete the readings and assignments prior to each meeting, as we will discuss the material as a group.

Week 1: No Meeting

Introductions and course overview

Assignment: Read course overview email, look over syllabus, post an introduction to the Toolkit Discussion Group thread titled "Week 1."

Week 2: 1/21

A Short History of Computing

Assignment: Read materials posted to Toolkit

Journal #1: Post your reading reflection by midnight Monday 1/20

Week 3: 1/28

What is Digital History?

Assignment: Read materials posted to Toolkit

Journal #2: Post your reading reflection by midnight Monday 1/27

Begin your surveys of digital resources for historical research after class . See the assignment sheet posted to Toolkit Materials folder "Week 3" for specific instructions. Due at the beginning of class on Tuesday 2/4.

Week 4: 2/4

Project Content Brainstorming

Report #1: Surveys of digital resources for historical research report due at the beginning of class.

Assignment: Come with your ideas for potential archival and new multimedia materials for your project to discuss with experts

Journal #3: Post your project content brainstorm ideas by midnight Monday 2/3

Week 5-10

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