Standard archaeological designation for Monasukapanough site; Virginia is the 44th state alphabetically; AB is Albemarle County's designation; Monasukapanough is designated as site 18.

Accretional Burial Mound:
Type of burial mound found in the Virginia Piedmont; each was estimated to have contained several thousand bodies at one time.

Bear Mountain:
Area of Amherst County, Virginia, where the Monacans settled after 1800; site of their annual Homecoming and Pow-wow festivals.

Clarksville Point:
Type of projectile point dated to the early eighteenth century; found at sites in North Carolina Piedmont as well as Monasukapanough.

Movement during the early twentieth century aimed at maintaining genetically pure races; advocated the prohibition of interracial marriages as well as the sterilization of the mentally handicapped.

General name for the Indians inhabiting the central Virginia Piedmont; spoke a Siouan language suspected to have originated in the Ohio River Valley; also referred to as Mannakin and Manskin in certain documents.

Name for the Indians inhabiting the Northern Virginia Piedmont; also Siouan speaking and closely related to the Monacan people.

Material Culture:
The tangible possessions of a culture; usually found archaeologically as artifacts.

Tribe affiliated with the Powhatan Confederacy who resided in the area around Jamestown Island in 1607.

Village near the late sixteenth century Roanoke colony on the North Carolina outer banks; used as a model for the drawings of John White that are the only known depiction of Indian domiciles from present-day Virginia or North Carolina.

Feature in ground distinguishable by a different soil color; usually in the shape of a circle; decayed remnants of where a post once stood.

Potomac Creek Pottery:
Early eighteenth century pottery type found at Monasukapanough.

Confederacy of Indians in the Virginia coastal plain; spoke Algonquian languages not related to the Siouan languages of the Monacans; according to Smith, the Monacans and Powhatans were inveterate enemies.

Projectile Point:
Sharpened piece of rock probably used as a spear point or arrowhead.

Rivanna River:
River that runs through the middle of Albemarle County and flows into the James River; the Monasukapanough site lies on its bank.

Indian group in the Southern Virginia Piedmont; essentially another name for the Monacans.

Village used by John White as a model for his drawings; located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Indian group in the Southern Virginia Piedmont; essentially another name for the Monacans.

Powhatan word for a petty chief; usually at the village level.