About the Authors

Lexi Beauvais:

Lexi is a fourth year Media Studies Major and Religious Studies minor. Her interests include writing, music, new media, film, and the relationships between media and culture. When not hard-at-work in the bowels of Alderman library, Lexi enjoys singing with the Virginia Women's Chorus, working for the staff of Local Tea (a magazine at the University of Virginia), sleeping, and taking Charlottesville by storm.

Robbie Glass:

Robbie is a fourth year History and German major. When he is not in class, he is either sleeping or driving a UTS bus. Though he has no plans for the future, he hopes that any future plans will not involve a UTS bus.

Julie Malakie:

Julie, a fourth year Environmental Sciences and Archaeology major, was inspired to dig in the ground after seeing her first Indiana Jones movie at the age of 7. Perhaps one day she will be able to star in her own major motion picture.

Adam VanDervort:

Adam is a fourth year majoring in both Biochemistry and Archaeology. When not busy designing websites, Adam watches back episodes of The Simpsons. Mr. Flanders is his role model.