Pomeiooc Village Images

This overhead view of the village is almost the exact same as the perspective used in the John White watercolor of the village. The palisaded village is oriented around a central firepit, with rectangularly shaped homes placed in concentric rings. Ethnographic and archaeological evidence seems to indicate a circular house design for Monacan villages, unlike that seen in this Pomeiooc village. The village also has two entrances--the clearly visible entrance at the bottom of the image and a second entrance at the back of the village, with dimensions indicating it was the larger of the two entrances to the village.

This image of the village is as viewed when entering the village from the entrance at the bottom of the previous image. This shows to a much greater extent the scale of the village and buildings with the humans in the image. The image assumes a central firepit that serves as a social center for the village. Conversely, the reconstructed village at Jamestown instead places a firepit in each home and seems more oriented to a family scale.